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    Review from member andipam
    Member Ranking - Extremely Positive
    My son enjoys the colorful, text-heavy format and non-repetitiveness of the material. I like the different approach to presenting challenging material and that some of the learning involves a parent/parents to play mapped out games to further support understanding and mastery of the material.


    • Great for kids who love to read
    • Non-repetitive exercises
    • Stretches kids to think about math in a completely different way from most math programs


    • Only the first two volumes of a planned four-volume set are currently published

    Review from member dbmamaz
    Member Ranking - Mostly Positive

    First of all, I have not used a full book of Beast Academy - i was lucky enough to get in there Beta testing, or whatever they called it. We were sent one chapter of the textbook and one chapter of the workbook, both about area and perimeter, so that is my only experience.

    The textbook was AMAZING - its a comic book about monsters in elementary school. Each section of the book is a different class - they did shop class where they had to measure things, they had math team practice where they competed against another school, math class - my son could not get enough of the book!

    The problems are more challenging and less repetitive than I've seen before. This was the first time my (very mathy) son really was able to recognize that doing the easy problems helps you figure out how to do the harder problems. This is a discipline we could really use more of around here!

    My son did get frustrated with how hard the problems were, but in part I think that was because it was geometry, which is the only part of math which does not come easy for him. By the time the full curriculum came I felt we were a bit too far along for him and I wasnt so sure it was the right fit for him.

    Overall, its an extremely engaging and extremely challenging curriculum. The problems really make you think, and they are not repetitive - iir maybe 2 - 4 problems of a similar type, and then the next few were a noticeably step up in challenge

    Review from member MaryC

    Member Ranking - Extremely Positive

    I homeschool my very bright daughter, who is 7. We started the year with Singapore Math (US2), but I quickly saw that Singapore is heavy on process and light on mathematical thinking. DD was losing her excitement about math. I couldn't have that! I heard some great things about Beast, and thought it might give us what we were missing with Singapore. It has been AMAZING. It focuses on developing mathematical thinking skills, and progresses quickly through higher levels of challenge. DD loves the comic book style of the text, and finds the text very engaging. She also loves the shock on her very "mathy" 12-year-old brother when he sees what she's working on.

    • Fast pace
    • Engaging textbook
    • Not too repetitive
    • New skills are scaffolded well in the workbook
    • Focuses on developing mathematical reasoning


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