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    Review from member Tessie
    Member Ranking - Extremely Positive
    I am excited to tell all homeschoolers about a GREAT science program that YOU CAN DO—even if you have little or no science experience.
    It is called the ‘Supercharged Science e-Science Curriculum’.
    The teacher is Aurora Lipper, who is a mechanical engineer, NASA scientist, and an airplane pilot with a passion for teaching science to kids—and did I say she makes SCIENCE come to LIFE with videos, teleclasses, and experiments for kids from grades K-12! Aurora provides supply lists for all the science experiments—and best of all, the supplies are inexpensive items you can purchase from your grocery or art & craft store. As a veteran homeschooler of nine years, it is nice to have another teacher engage my kids in science lessons—a fresh perspective! Aurora will teach your kids about physics, chemistry, engineering and more and the best part—she makes science absolutely fun using a hands-on approach. Step by step, Aurora will teach your budding scientist how to make a hovercraft, slime, black holes, and literally dozens of fun experiments all designed to help your student understand the underlying principles of science. Tune in to a teleclass and prepare to be amazed—your kids will be “turned on to science” and don’t be surprised if you too learn a thing or two about science! Aurora has videos that you literally just pop into your computer and she will do the rest! ‘Supercharged Science e-Science Curriculum’ is top notch! Be prepared to have to peel your kids away from science class!! Aurora and the Supercharged Science e-Science Curriculum is great for: all kids /all ages/all learning styles. Check out Aurora Lipper and the entire supercharged science program at the following link http://www.superchargedscience.com/esci.htm
    PS—Aurora LOVES to give out freebies—so you really should check out her website!!

    • This curriculum can be self run by the student or with the help of a parent--either way it is a fun way to learn about the various science theories using a hands on approach!!

    Review from member hbachand
    Member Ranking - Extremely Positive
    Like many home schoolers I have searched for years for a good secular science program, with mixed results. This year we tried Supercharged Science. We are eclectic home schoolers (2nd grader and 4th grader), who follow wherever our interests lead us. This science program has been a good fit for us because my kids can skip around and learn about what interests them. Their are aprox. 19 study units covering all of the basic sciences (physical, earth, life). I let my kids choose a unit to study for that month. For each unit there is a shopping list of materials and supplies needed, most of these are household items or easily found at Walmart. In a few cases we have had to order special supplies or equipment (chemsitry kit and glassware, compound microscope etc.) these are expensive items but high quality equipment investments that we will use over and over again. I put all the supplies together in a tub for that month's science unit. This program is designed to be hands on, once or twice a week we watch a video demonstrating an experiment, and then we get our supplies and do it ourselves. Then we talk about it, ask questions and learn why it happened or what principles are at work and even create our own variations of the experiment. My kids learn by doing and this program is all about doing. For each unit there is an introduction and reading material and a collection of experiments demonstrating the subject and some follow up questions for review at the end. We start with the experiment and then go to the reading to answer our questions about what we observed. A subscription to the e-science online program is about $37 a month. There is an online forum to discuss questions about the experiments (often with actual scientists) and we periodically get e-mails with additional (just for fun) experiments or links to interesting science news (like NASA's Mars rover landing this past fall). We are currently using only the K-8 material but for each study unit there are additional experiments and reading for 9-12. We have had great instant support in getting our questions answered, either by phone or email. My kids are excited about science, because for the first time it is real to them.

    Review from member crunchynerd
    Member Ranking - Extremely Positive

    Surprised by how good the DVDs alone were, and wish I could afford the Diamond package, because I'm sold on the truth of her really doing things differently and waking up that active, exploratory learning, about science.

    We tried the DVDs only, of Supercharged Science, and I did not expect it to be anything special. When I popped in the Astronomy DVD, I was even more horrified, because it was just a still photo on the screen, with her voice in the background, and her introductory spiel was so cutesy and touchy-feely (as her ads seem to be) that it put me off and I expected very little of it. But Surprise, Surprise! As she started talking about each of the photos in view, I could have kicked myself for my own biases, because I was riveted! She was teaching me things I never knew about our solar system, and I thought I was pretty educated. Her material and the way she presents it, is so interesting and promotes active thinking and participation in ways I hadn't encountered before, that it stands on its own merit, regardless of splashy graphics or animations.

    My kids loved it also, though my son who is 6, was more interested in the project video demonstrations, than the listening-only Astronomy slideshow. My daughter loves all of it, and I am now a believer, that there really is a way to present science so that your audience is prompted to think and participate, and discover and be surprised, instead of passively receiving information.

    If I could afford it, I would plunk down the nearly $2K for the Diamond Package, in a heartbeat, after seeing what her DVDs are like. Actually, I plan to save up for it, even if it takes me 3 years to do that, because she really DOES manage to depart from methods that make people passive, and the Diamond package has things I know I'd never be doing with my kids, even with all the good intentions in the world.


    • The DVDs were actually worth the $90 they ended up costing!
    • She really does make the audience think, come up with their own hypothesis, and discuss with the person next to them, before revealing some really surprising answers that often emphasize just how much science doesn't know yet.
    • I learned things I never once came across even in college-level astronomy classes, and was surprised by the originality and fascinating nature of her hands-on projects. It wasn't the same old, same old.


    • If we did get the full package, we'd have to have a place to keep all these projects-in-progress, out of reach of toddlers.
    • She is wordy and too emotively conversational at first, it's hard to believe she's an actual scientist (in fact, apparently quite accomplished and brilliant) because of the touchy-feely conversational tone, the lengthy preambles and infomercial-like sales pitches. Yet, when you wade through all that, it ends up being well worth it, and it turns out, she's fantastic.
    • Biggest con right now: not being able to afford the full packages, any time soon.

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