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    mh900250272-jpgHow important is it to you to teach evolution in your homeschool? Some secular homeschoolers feel that it is what differentiates them from the homeschool “masses.” If you have done much research on homeschool science curriculum you have probably already discovered that for every evolutionary-based curriculum available, there are at least five creation-based programs.

    The Evolution Question

    It is quite common for the subject to come up in homeschool support groups or online support forums. “Do you use a science curriculum that teaches evolution?” Depending on the person initiating the conversation, this question can be used as a way to “draw the battle lines.” In fact, many people equate teaching evolution in the homeschool with being a secular homeschooler. Are you “in” or are you “out?”

    This might actually be a bit presumptive, at least from one perspective. I have definitely met Christians who embrace and teach evolution to their children. Some members of SecularHomeschool.com have certainly shared that although they are Christians, they feel comfortable at this site because they choose to teach science from an evolutionary standpoint. I’ve even heard a few secular homeschoolers say that they teach creationism to their children - - although usually it is alongsideof evolutionary studies, so that their children are aware of the contrasts between each standpoint. So I suppose the “battle lines” aren’t as cut-and-dry as they seem.

    Homeschool Evolution Resources

    But because the majority of secular homeschoolers do feel it is important to teach evolution, I thought it might be helpful to put together a list of resources that I’ve discovered over the last few years. I hope they will be a help to you in your science studies (and keep in mind this is just a SAMPLING of what’s available)

    Books for Teaching Evolution

    Websites for Teaching Evolution

    Also, all of the science curricula in our Secular Homeschool Curriculum resource teach from an evolutionary standpoint. If you are teaching evolution in your homeschool, then you can celebrate the fact that more and more resources are available to you every day! This is actually a great time to be a secular homeschooler!!
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    1. lakshmi's Avatar
      lakshmi -
      Nice post thank you.
    1. Suicidesal5's Avatar
      Suicidesal5 -
      When it has come to science or religion, we have chosen to study all forms of it. Because different world views are apart of regular life, I think it is good to teach our kids that not everyone thinks the same. I really enjoyed this post, I plan on using some the links!
    1. TheAssistant's Avatar
      TheAssistant -
      Thanks for those links!
    1. Stuart's Avatar
      Stuart -
      Great post, thankyou for the list of links.

      We learn about evolution, but wouldn't dream of leaving out creationism and the debate around this great clash of memes.

      I've a mind to look up 'irreducible complexity' the next time I look, and in theory - well practice too - my kids are free to make up their own minds.

      The debater who appears to have the scientists on their collective back foot is William Lane Craig, so he might be worth a google also.

      I also enjoy toying with the Masonic/New Age notion of an altered/evolved humanity.

    1. Michelle DeFields-Gambrel's Avatar
      Michelle DeFields-Gambrel -
      I wouldn't recommend Darwin and Evolution for Kids unless you don't care that she doesn't really explain what scientific theory is (for example, gravitational theory is not just an "idea"), and she never even mentions the word "mutation"!! I would also recommend teaching your children what "pseudo-science" is. If you are interested in teaching them the reasons why "Intelligent Design" cannot be considered science, this is a great NOVA episode on the subject: Judgment Day - Intelligent Design on Trial.
      I would also add this NOVA episode on Evolution: NOVA: Origins
    1. Michelle DeFields-Gambrel's Avatar
      Michelle DeFields-Gambrel -
      I would also add a book to the list above: The Beginning by Peter Ackroyd
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