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    Some of our members indicated that in addition to having interviews with the well-known names in secular homeschooling, our "Secular Stars", they would also like to hear from those who have successfully completed their secular homeschool education. For the sake of this series, we are going to call these interviews with graduates our "Secular Success Stories."

    Our first featured interview is with Jordan, unschooler, author, dog trainer, and blogger at Reel Dogs.

    So Jordan, could you tell us just a little bit about your homeschool experience, such as how long you were homeschooled and via what method or curriculum?

    For me, homeschooling stretched from preschool through 12th grade. I have never attended public school, though I did attend a private preschool for about two weeks. My brother and I were both unschooled.

    When you were being homeschooled, did you think of yourself as a "secular" homeschooler? Why or why not?

    No. It did not occur to me until I was in my teens that anyone homeschooled for religious reasons. It just wasnít something I thought about.
    What was the best part of your homeschooling experience?

    Having the freedom and time to develop interests and build knowledge and skills I cared about. I started down the path to becoming a dog trainer when I was 11 years old. I began research for my now published book, Wonder Dogs: 101 German Shepherd Dog Films, when I was 13, though I didnít know I was researching a book at the time. All I knew was that I wanted to learn everything I could about dogs in movies, from the first dog movie star in 1905 to modern films. I had endless support and encouragement from my mom, both for becoming a trainer and for working on the book.
    Do you have any regrets about your homeschooling experience?

    Absolutely not. Iím now 23 and have never had a single regret or misgiving about my education. When it comes to school, I am one of the most fortunate people in the world.
    Did you feel that your homeschooling background prepared you for the world at large?

    My homeschooling experience encompassed the world at large. There was no need to prepare for it. How kids who spend 12+ years in public schools can be prepared for the world at large escapes me.
    What did your parents do (or not do) that you felt was particularly beneficial for you during your homeschooling experience?

    My mom encouraged me to learn about what I cared about. Even if she could see no point in it, even if it was as silly as teaching a cat to do a trick, she helped me study whatever it was: filling my life with resources and tools to follow my passions. Whether they seemed practical or not.
    Big thanks to Jordan for participating in this interview!! We would love to hear from other secular homeschooled graduates, too! If you, or someone you know has graduated from a secular homeschool, please contact Topsy via this site or via email for more information on how to be featured!
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    1. Shoe's Avatar
      Shoe -
      Thanks for these articles Topsy, and thanks to Jordan for the interview. It's interesting to see success stories in homeschooling.
    1. reversemigration's Avatar
      reversemigration -
      Thanks, Topsy! It's always nice to hear a student's perspective on homeschooling. Sometimes I wonder if we shouldn't have a kid's forum on the site for all of our munchkins to trade notes (and complain about us....)
    1. Shoe's Avatar
      Shoe -
      Quote Originally Posted by reversemigration View Post
      Thanks, Topsy! It's always nice to hear a student's perspective on homeschooling. Sometimes I wonder if we shouldn't have a kid's forum on the site for all of our munchkins to trade notes (and complain about us....)
      That's not a bad idea, Ben.
    1. wild_destiny's Avatar
      wild_destiny -
      That is an interesting idea about having a forum for students on here. But I would probably be afraid to read what was written. It might be too eye-opening!
    1. pandahoneybee's Avatar
      pandahoneybee -
      thanks for the article Topsy! I am hoping that my kids come out so good! and send the compliments my way too
    1. Snoopy's Avatar
      Snoopy -
      Thanks so much Topsy for this interview, and thanks Jordan, for opening up to us! It is thrilling, as a homeschooling parent, to hear about homeschooling experiences from the mouth of someone who has done it as a student. I'm impressed that you have already published a book, not too many 23 year-old can claim that, I'll bet.

      Topsy, on another note, if you were to open a forum for the kids, I would strongly suggest that it be a private forum and that the parent (someone who has been "background checked" by you) be the person to recommend them for participation. Just my 2 cents...
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