• Guide for New Homeschoolers

    We recommend Time4Learning's free "Welcome to Homeschooling" guide for all new homeschoolers. This pdf document is one of the best we've ever come across for a comprehensive introduction to all the ins and outs of homeschooling. It isn't overwhelming, because it provides just the right of information, without bogging down into too many details.

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    Two steps forward, one step back

    My two steps forward are always in getting something planned out for school, and the step(s) back are what really happens. For instance, yesterday being Labor Day, DH had the day off, which threw us

    Group Nurturing Emotional Intelligence

    Started By pdpele Today, 08:30 PM

    South Georgia

    Wow! I only mention it because Macon has a very large, inclusive homeschooling group. Warner Robins has a couple too, but they're more like play groups from what I've seen.

    Group Georgia

    Started By vadowdy Today, 02:40 PM

    South Georgia

    My father's church is in Hinesville. They live in Tifton but drive all the way over there for services!

    Group Georgia

    Started By vadowdy Today, 11:10 AM
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    School and Education: You Have Choices.

    ...A few friends have come to me in the past week asking about homeschooling laws, and how I made that decision. It was clear for us when M threatened suicide in third grade. Itís not so clear for...

    08-30-2014 11:33 PM

    Homeschool Planning: Organizing and Time ĎManagementí Tools.

    As Iíve talked about before, we homeschool year round. We had a decent run this summer; it was fairly relaxed, we explored a lot of topics, and we experienced a few new things. During our down time...

    08-26-2014 12:05 AM

    Our Homeschool Room

    With the new school starting in only a few weeks, I thought I would share our homeschool space with you. We don't have a specific room and never have had one in the last three homes we have lived in...

    08-22-2014 08:52 AM

    Getting Ready for Academic Research Ö and College!

    With so many library resources and information overload on the Internet, finding reliable sources for a research paper can be challenging for todayís teens. JSTORís Research Basics for High School...

    08-07-2014 12:21 PM