• Guide for New Homeschoolers

    We recommend Time4Learning's free "Welcome to Homeschooling" guide for all new homeschoolers. This pdf document is one of the best we've ever come across for a comprehensive introduction to all the ins and outs of homeschooling. It isn't overwhelming, because it provides just the right of information, without bogging down into too many details.

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    SOS - whiny rant alert

    I feel like I'm drowning lately. After dd's violent flare in March I find that I'm constantly tense and waiting for the next shoe to drop. She's been irritable and melting down but hasn't lashed out so

    Group Nurturing Emotional Intelligence

    Started By skrink Today, 08:02 AM

    This may sound offtopic but..

    Yes, it was the yarning. And also I loved the idea of maps as a way to design and record learning, how you could talk about behaving in different places differently, you could go out and look at how different

    Group Nurturing Emotional Intelligence

    Started By justabout Yesterday, 07:08 PM

    This may sound offtopic but..

    I found it interesting also. I think the talking/listening, the yarns, would be the social skills part. I mean it would encourage the development of social skills in the context of community. The focus

    Group Nurturing Emotional Intelligence

    Started By justabout Yesterday, 03:31 PM
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    Our Writing Journey

    If youíve been following my blog for some time now, Iím sure youíve heard me grumble and mutter about the difficulty Iíve been having teaching my daughter to write well. Whatís really depressing,...

    04-21-2014 02:52 PM

    The Evolution of Student Led Organizing.

    Link! (I've started a blog, and since I lurk here and love reading others' blogs, I thought I'd share one my first homeschooling posts.) "So in this post I mentioned that M was a...

    04-16-2014 12:06 AM

    Pre-K and K Workboxes

    Feeling lazy today so decided to do an easy post on my workboxes for the younger kids. http://pokemonhomeschool.wordpress.com/2014/03/28/pre-k-and-k-workboxes/ ‎

    03-28-2014 10:09 AM

    A Very UnSecular, ie Buddhist Blog for Teachers of Little Ones

    Sharing my blog here because people have asked in the past for resources for teaching their kids about Buddhism and/or Meditation. I teach at two local temples. Have a looksy if you're interested.

    03-26-2014 03:01 PM