• I "HATE" my curriculum!

    So, you are a few weeks or even a few months into your school year and realize that you HATE (yes, that is a strong word but when it applies, it applies) some or all of the curriculum choices you made. You are not alone. We have all been there at one point or another. It is a part of homeschooling.

    What can you do?

    You have options when it comes to your curriculum! Honestly, you do. Remember, you are a homeschooler. This means you can change it up at any time. Here are some ideas:

    • You can muddle through it for the rest of the year, hope it gets better and that your kids get something from it. I mean, hey, you spent money on this after all.
    • You can stop using it immediately because it just isn’t worth the headache, and look for a replacement.
    • You can use it while you search for a replacement.
    • You can continue to use it as a supplement to a curriculum you do like.
    • You can take a small break from homeschooling, sort through your curriculum and do some research to find replacements and start back up in a week or two with a new outlook.

    How do I know this? I have been there. I have pushed through using a curriculum that either myself or my kids could not stand. It made us miserable. We homeschool year-round, starting in August. By December of one year, I had enough, tossed it all out and used our two week break over the holidays to find something new. We started in January with a fresh outlook. Did we have the same expectations? Nope. I had gone a completely different route.

    Did it help? Yes! It helped up finish our homeschool year with a smile. Was it the year of my homeschooling dreams? Nope. I tend to ignore that year. But, we did survive. I chalk it up to following my instincts and dumping what did not work for us.

    It is scary. Not going to lie to you. You probably spent the summer researching the perfect curriculum, finding the best deal and eagerly awaiting the arrival of those boxes. And now you think it’s all for nothing? It isn’t. Live and learn. There are no mistakes. You can attempt to sell it or trade it, even Secular Homeschool has a SWAP page. You might be able to recoup some of your investment that way. Check your local homeschooling groups for an event where you can sell or trade it. Even some Facebook homeschool groups have set days you can list curriculum you no longer need.

    Finding new curriculum is a matter of finding something that fits your needs. Try to look for aspects that are polar opposite of what your “current curriculum” contains. Involve the kids in the decision. They may be more apt to enjoy it more if they have some input in the choice. Read over curriculum reviews. Ask direct opinions in homeschool groups or forums.

    Whatever you do, relax. Your kids will be fine. Whether you plug through using something you don’t like or you take a few weeks off from homeschooling while you find a replacement, remember that you are homeschooling for a reason and you got this!

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