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    Does the sight of reams of paper, boxes of crayons, and pallets of pencils make you squee?
    You are not alone! Myself, like many other homeschooling parents, get absolutely giddy at the arrival of the back-to-school supplies aisle.

    Suddenly, I feel like I should be in an episode of “I have a school supply addiction”!! Must have it all. Do I need 10 new notebooks? Yes I do. Crayons, markers, colored pencils are a must for all those planned art projects. Oh, and folders too because this is THE YEAR that I am going to get homeschool organized. And do not get me started on tape, labels, or *gasp, colored sharpies.

    Suddenly, the Sunday ads are my best friend. Who has the best deal, penny sales, most bang for my buck. The homeschool social media boards are full of Moms like me chatting up the deals! I can honestly say, while my husband is a prepper and we have adequate food and water for emergencies…. I have a more than adequate stash of school supplies in case we ever need anything.

    I have been at Walmart three times this week. And for things not even school related. But, where did I find myself wandering? You got it; the school aisles. I did find that the pencil bags were only available in black this year (FYI, they make FANTASTIC busy bags for the younger crowd). Crayola apparently makes cute puzzles that focus on colors (though they only have them in red, blue, yellow and green). Did you know there is a whole line of scented pencils, crayons, and markers this year? I feel like I am back in the ‘80’s!

    Take advantage of those sales. Paying full price in January for some folders is not necessary. We are homeschoolers, we can always find a use for whatever we cannot do without. I promise. Now, I am off to get some more colored sharpies and glue sticks. I need more, I really REALLY do. Just don’t tell my husband!
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