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    As you're planning curricula for this coming school year, we're thrilled to let you know that Moving Beyond the Page is giving away one full year curriculum package of your choice. Moving Beyond the Page is a complete homeschool curriculum that covers science, social studies, and language arts. Your children will grow in their love of learning through our literature-based curriculum that encourages critical and creative thinking, provides challenging and engaging projects, and supports different learning styles. All children can benefit from this unique approach to education. This is especially true for hands-on, creative, and gifted children who need more than a traditional approach to ignite their love of learning. If you have an elementary or middle school aged child that is bored doing one worksheet after another, don't miss this opportunity to give him something better. Moving Beyond the Page is how your children want to learn. Moving Beyond the Page has nine different curriculum packages for preschool, elementary, and middle school children.


    This month's featured giveaway is one (1) full year package of your choice from Moving Beyond the Page. (Retail Value between $465 - $975) You get to choose the age level and whether you want hard-copy or online curriculum. AND, if you purchase a full year curriculum package in March and then find out you are the winner, MBTP will refund the purchase price or send you another level - - your choice!!

    To enter this giveaway, simply comment below about why you would like to win this prize from Moving Beyond the Page (NOTE: you must be a registered member of SHS to comment...if you are not yet a registered member, click here to register prior to commenting.) You may earn up to five additional entries for this giveaway by:

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    Click here for the official rules of this giveaway.
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    1. Katrina1974's Avatar
      Katrina1974 -
      These look great. Would love to win these for my soon to be 7th grader.
    1. Chrissy85's Avatar
      Chrissy85 -
      I would love to win this prize from Moving Beyond the Page because my son truly enjoyed his first year with the curriculum and this would help us continue with it.
    1. Chrissy85's Avatar
      Chrissy85 -
      I shared this giveaway on Facebook.
    1. Chrissy85's Avatar
      Chrissy85 -
      I shared on twitter...
    1. Katrina1974's Avatar
      Katrina1974 -
      Shared on Facebook, and Twitter @KatLowe1974
    1. Chrissy85's Avatar
      Chrissy85 -
      I shared this giveaway on twitter.... @CancelChristina
    1. Mickels10's Avatar
      Mickels10 -
      I was planning on using this next year, but would love to get it free! It looks like a wonderful curriculum!
    1. Mickels10's Avatar
      Mickels10 -
      Shared on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/ashley.mick...00193365458020
    1. Mickels10's Avatar
      Mickels10 -
      mbtp-giveaway-png | Dream Classroom | Pinterest | Literature, Writing skills and We
      I think this would be the perfect curriculum for my daughter!
    1. sbeane's Avatar
      sbeane -
      I shared to Twitter @tweeky20
    1. sbeane's Avatar
      sbeane -
      Shared to a homeschool group on FB before the correct link was available.
    1. Xine215's Avatar
      Xine215 -
      I would love to win this for my 6 year old son. It would be great to try it out for free.
    1. Xine215's Avatar
      Xine215 -
      Shared on Facebook
    1. Mandra's Avatar
      Mandra -
      We have been using individual books from some of the units this year and are really enjoying them. Winning a full year would be amazing.
    1. teacupcabaret's Avatar
      teacupcabaret -
      I have been wondering what this curriculum is all about and would love to be able to give it a go in our house!
    1. Joy's Avatar
      Joy -
      I have been curious about Moving Beyond the Page & would love the chance to give it a try!
    1. Henny's Avatar
      Henny -
      I would love to win a full year of Moving Beyond the Page so I don't have to purchase it!!
    1. dmaxfield's Avatar
      dmaxfield -
      We LOVE this curriculum! We've used several units, but it's not in our price range to continue. All of my children have excelled with it and love the activities.
    1. DeborahD's Avatar
      DeborahD -
      We *love* this curriculum! We are starting in on our fourth year in a couple months and look forward to all the fun ahead!
    1. DeborahD's Avatar
      DeborahD -
      Shared on Pinterest! https://www.pinterest.com/pin/502292164676726589/
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