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  • Winter STEM Activities for Secular Homeschoolers


    Anyone else feeling cabin fever? Between the post-holiday toy hangover and trying to get back into the homeschool groove after a two-week break, Iíve never been more ready to pull on my boots and escape into the wintry world beyond these walls. Although in my local neck of the woods weíre still snow-less, itís likely that weíll see some of the fluffy stuff in the next few weeks.

    Thereís no need to abandon our homeschool routine just because weíre hankering for some outdoor time, though. Like so many families, our homeschooling has little to do with ďhome.Ē Itís simply learning wherever we happen to be. And if that happens to be outside with Jack Frost, then itís time to find some educational ideas we can do in our mittens and boots.

    So, to celebrate all things snowy and bright, Iíve pulled together ten STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) activities that will put the WIN back in WINTER. You ready? Letís dare to escape those walls that sometimes feel like theyíre closing in on us, and get outside and play with science and math!

    1. What to Wear Weather Module (Elementary, Science)
    2. Snowball Science: Exploring Melting Rates (Elementary, Science)
    3. Pine Cone Math Station (Elementary, Math)
    4. The Science of Sledding (Middle School, Science/Engineering)
    5. How Much Water Is in Snow? (Middle School/High School, Science/Math)
    6. Raspberry Pi Solar Weather Station (High School, Science/Technology/Engineering)
    7. Birding STEM Challenge (Elementary/Middle School, Science/Engineering)
    8. Winter Tree Study (Elementary/Middle School/High School, Science)
    9. Igloo Building STEM Challenge (Elementary/Middle School/High School, Science/Math/Engineering)
    10. Winter Stargazing with Mobile Apps (Middle School/High School, Science/Technology)
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