• 50+ Free/Frugal Family Fun and Learning Ideas


    Homeschooling and having fun as a family doesn’t have to be expensive. In fact, you can have a great time, make great memories and most of the time learn something that can be counted as a homeschooling activity (
    see suggestions in red) - - all at little to no cost. A true win-win. Below are more than 50 ideas for integrating fun and learning without breaking the piggy bank!

    • Take a Hike - visit a park, a local hiking trail or drive away to the mountains for a scenic hike (PE, Science)
    • Go on a Picnic - combine it with the hike, take it to a local park, your backyard or even one inside on a rainy day makes things fun (Life Skills)
    • Go Swimming - local swimming pool, lake, river, creek or maybe a nice neighbor has a pool you can borrow (PE)
    • Play letter/word games - there is almost an endless list of word and letter games you can play together like letter hopscotch, hangman, guess the word, etc. For online fun, don't forget all the free games at Vocabulary Spelling City, too.
    • Fly a Kite - available at most dollar stores or have art time and make your own (Math, Science)
    • Build a Fort - inside or out, grab some sheets, chairs, cardboard or ?? and go to town (Math, Science)
    • Visit your local Police Department, Fire House or Hospital for a tour (Life Skills, Social Studies)
    • Go for a bike ride (PE)
    • Bird Watching - local park, on a walk or in your own backyard (Math, Science, PE)
    • Bug Watching - local park, on a walk or in your own backyard (Math, Science, PE)
    • Plant a Garden - flowers or vegetables or both (Art, Science, Math, Reading, Language Arts)
    • Create a Fairy Garden (Art, Science)
    • Create a Nature Habitat - you can become certified just by creating a small area for nature, even on a patio (Math, Science)
    • Visit a Plant Nursery - learn about the plants and maybe create an idea for a family garden (Reading, Language Arts, Math, Science)
    • Go to the Library - find a new family read-aloud book, enjoy story time, sign up for free Summer reading programs or check out a movie (Reading, Language Arts, Socialization)
    • Family Movie Night - watch a family favorite or rent a new flick, make some fun snacks, snuggle down and enjoy (Life Skills, Reading)
    • Go Bowling - Join KidsBowlFree and kids can bowl FREE all Summer, other family members for a small fee (PE, Science, Math)
    • Visit your Animal Shelter - even without adopting a pet, you can still visit and give these animals some much needed attention and love (Community Service, Life Skills, Reading)
    • Baking/Cooking Contest - duke it out over batches of cookies as to who created the tastiest treat (Life Skills, Math, Reading, Communication)
    • Family Game Night - set up a regular game night, play games and explore which ones are your favorites (Life Skills, Math, Reading, Language Arts, Science, History, Writing)
    • Go Camping - whether at a campground, in the woods or just in the backyard, set up the tent, break out some marshmallows and tell spooky stories (Life Skills, Science)
    • Art Challenge - see if you can create a whole drawing with just one geometric shape (Math, Art)
    • Puzzles - start a large puzzle together, take a few minutes daily to see if you can keep finding pieces to fit (Math, Art, Reading)
    • Science Projects - Science4Us has a tremendous list of science projects you can do right inside your home or in your backyard with zero or very little expense
    • Scavenger Hunt - create a fun hunt at home or get creative and set it up around town (and yep...Pokemon Go counts!!) (Map Reading, Reading, Language Arts, Math, Socialization, Life Skills)
    • Ride Public Transit - let the kids plan a bus ride or train ride around town (Math, Life Skills, Reading, Language Arts, Map Reading)
    • Volunteer - check your area for volunteering opportunities such as local tree inventory, helping neighbors, planting, trash clean-up or delivering meals (Life Skills, Community Service, Socialization, Math, Science, Language Arts)
    • Visit a Museum - check for discount days or homeschool days OR check the membership for teacher/homeschool deals (Reading, Language Arts, Math, Science, PE, History)
    • Visit a Zoo - same thing, check for discount or homeschool days (Math, Science, Reading, Language Arts, PE, History)
    • Grocery Store Tour - your local grocery store may offer a tour of how things work behind the freight doors (Math, Reading, Writing, PE, Life Skills)
    • Visit a State Park - many offer FREE classes on things like tracking, animal identification, edible wild plants and the Junior Ranger program (Science, Math, PE)
    • Movie Outing - watch for cheap summer movies; look to see if your area has a discount theater or many local parks are now doing summer movies for FREE (Life Skills, Socialization)
    • Walk your Neighborhood - Get out and walk your neighborhood! Meet your neighbors, find new routes, get some exercise (PE, Socialization, Life Skills)
    • Fishing - grab some gear for relatively cheap and find a fishing hole. In the US, kids are usually FREE from needing a license until an older teen, but check your local regulations. Anywhere that carries bait should have a copy. (Math, Physics, Life Skills, Science, PE)
    • Read a Story Together - sit down, have a read aloud night where you all take turns with a book, and don't forget to include books about homeschoolers! (Language Arts, Reading)
    • Farmer’s Market - many towns now have these on a set weekday from Spring through Fall; great way to meet local farmers, see lots of great produce up front and personal, enjoy some music (Math, Socialization, Life Skills, Science, Reading)
    • Community Calendar - check out your local one; many times you will find it or something similar posted at the library full of things going on in your area that will be FREE (Life Skills; Fine Arts)
    • Family Time Capsule - create a family time capsule of things that are important now, put aside to open in 10 years (History)
    • Geocaching (and yep...even Pokemon Go!) - there are a lot of tutorials available online and with smartphones, you can easily do it (PE, Geography, Map Reading, Math)
    • Yard Sale - clear out some clutter, have a yard sale to raise money for something you really want: new swingset, family trip or raise money to donate (Math, Life Skills)
    • Stargazing - might have to stay up later for this one, but check out the night sky and find constellations (Math, Astronomy, Science)
    • Water Balloon Fight - hit up the dollar store and grab some water balloons, load up in the sink and go to town. Don't have balloons? You can also fight it out with sponges, hoses or buckets! (Math, Physics, Engineering, Science)
    • Concerts in the Park - many parks offer FREE concerts throughout the Summer (Music, Socialization, Life Skills)
    • Building Workshops - Big box hardware stores like Home Depot or Lowe’s have FREE kids clinics where parent and kids can work together to build something cool (Life Skills, Socialization, Math)
    • Travel the World at Home - pick a country, learn about it together, create a traditional meal, try to talk using that language, watch a film about it, play geography games (Foreign Language, Geography, History)
    • Learn a New Language - pick one and learn as a family. Grab a book at the library or use a free program like Duolingo (Foreign Language, Language Arts)
    • Money Skills - set up a play store at home, take them to a yard sale or dollar store with a limited amount and let them work on how to get the best bang for their buck (Math, Life Skills)
    • Visit a Construction Site - stand out in the safety zone and watch those guys work. Backhoes, dump trucks and steamrollers, OH MY. (Science, Math, Unit Study)
    • Watch Outdoor Sports - head over to the park and watch local teams play, and even join in if you can! Or keep stats on the scores. (Team Play, Socialization, PE, Math)
    • Nature Journaling - collect things all year from your walks, hikes, backyard and then turn them into creative expressions (Science, Art, Language Arts)
    • Get Fit Together - start a family fitness program and get fit together. (PE)
    • Feed the birds - take a trip to the park and scatter some seed for the birds (PE, Science, Nature Study)
    • Take a Drive - check out the local backroads and scenic highways and byways in your area; check out a book from the library with hints on things you may come across (History, Map Skills)

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