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    by SHS Admin, Aandwsmom

    Eeeek! Your cute, sweet smelling, little preschooler has turned into a giant-footed, food-scarfing, moody teenager(I swear it happens overnight!) and you just wrapped up Middle School. Now what??

    What lies ahead? High School. What to do? So many choices. Do you send them to public school because you have heard that teaching high school is hard? If you had trouble in high school, you may be feeling that you aren’t qualified to teach the subjects you struggled with yourself. So, do you throw in the towel and stop homeschooling?

    You Can Do This!

    Guess what? You can totally homeschool high school and do it with ease! Take it from someone who towed the line when it came to high school. I either had classes that I did fantastic in or I had classes (read: chemistry and algebra) that haunt me still to this day. Was I nervous when it came time to homeschool high school. Yep. Did I want to send them to public school? Nope. They didn’t want to go, and I didn’t want to send them when they were doing so well with homeschooling.

    The great news is that homeschooling high school doesn’t have to mean “teaching” every subject yourself. There are so many outside resources for homeschooling high school. For some reason, outsourcing is overlooked as a key benefit of homeschooling. I’m here to help break through that barrier and show you the incredibly diverse ways you can pull from your community and other places to put together a well-rounded program for your high schooler.

    Community Resources for Outsourcing High School

    Whether you live in a small town, big city or in between you have community resources at your fingertips for homeschoolers. Some you may already know, some you may not have thought about. Being a “home”schooler does NOT mean you stay at home - - not by a long shot!

    • Tutors - you can always hire a tutor for a subject you do not feel comfortable teaching. Check your local college, Craigslist or check within a local homeschool group to see what tutors other parents recommend
    • Co-ops - When in doubt, join a local homeschool co-op. You can have your kids take classes there for (usually) a small fee. Co-ops are always eager for teachers, too, so if you have an area of expertise yourself, offer it up!
    • Parent Swap - Either you and your partner/spouse take on subjects that work best and teach those. OR find another homeschooling parent and trade off. Maybe you hate Math but love Art and they are visa-versa.
    • Public/Private/Charter schools - Some will let a homeschooler take a specific class. You will have to check with the specific school and may have to jump through hoops, but it’s worth a shot.
    • Community College - Many offer dual credit to high schoolers. You can take college classes that work towards your high school credits AND be applied towards a future college degree.
    • Community Theater/Community Band - Check with your local ones to see if your high schooler can volunteer, intern or at least take classes
    • Get Creative! - Have a homeschooler who is desperate to learn auto mechanics? Track down a local automotive specialist who is willing to let your student shadow them. Talk about hands-on credits!

    Online Resources for Outsourcing High School

    If time or opportunity doesn't allow you to take advantage of community resources, but you still need help guiding your student through some tough courses, you have plenty of options online. In fact, you can outsource ALL of high school by using a completely online virtual school or private online school that offers an accredited diploma and a full load of courses. But, many parents and students who've chosen homeschooling balk at the rigidity of a traditional school schedule and want to be more hands-on. They prefer to utilize online help for specific subjects. You can do that, too! Honest! Homeschooling is about freedom. Freedom to do what works best for you, your child and still adhere to your state requirements.

    Below are links to some different options that you'll want to explore. Some are free resources, some are paid curricula, and some are a mix of both.

    (For a full list of virtual schools by state, explore LetsHomeschoolHighschool.com's Online School Directory)








    Remember, most importantly, none of this is set in stone. If a class doesn’t work, find something that does. If you hate your co-op offerings, look for online options for the same course. If online school isn’t jiving for your kiddo, try a different program or cobble together your own curriculum.

    Now, take a deep breath and realize that you, YES YOU can homeschool high school!

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