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    Weekly Homeschool Planner Template Page Free Weekly Homeschool PlannerYou know the drill. There are 100 faith-based homeschool planners out there for every 1 planner without religious undertones. So, we didn't want to let another homeschool year come and go without offering you SHS'ers a free, customizable, and completely secular weekly homeschool planner.

    I've long felt that Google Drive is built for homeschooling. It simply works like a charm for everything from creating quizzes to tracking grades to creating transcripts. it's available on desktop, tablet, and smartphone. And did I mention the FREE part?? If you can use a word processing program or a spreadsheet, then you can use Google Drive. (And honestly, even if you can't do those things, Google Drive Help tutorials will basically walk you through anything you need to know).

    So to make the new SHS weekly homeschool planner work for everyone - - and I do mean everyone - - all you need is a Google account and a link into Google Drive. From there, here are the instructions for importing the SHS Weekly Homeschool Planner into your own Drive account....

    Instruction one

    Click the "Use This Template" button below to open a copy of the template in your own Google Drive account. Don't see the link? First, log into Google Drive and then refresh this page. (Note: if you are on mobile and cannot see the image below, click this direct link to open the preview)

    Instruction two

    Double click the title of the template to change to your own customized title of choice

    Edit or Delete text

    Instruction three

    Click in any area of the spreadsheet to edit, add, or delete text    

    instruction four

    All text in the template, including subject headers, dates, and row titles can easily be edited by double clicking on the text  Edit any text

    instruction five

    Rows can be added or deleted from the template by putting your cursor into the row of your choice and using the Table Menu   Table menu

    instruction six

    Each new week's plan can be created by simply opening your edited version of the template and clicking on "Make a Copy" in the File menu. We recommend saving each week's plan into a file folder in Drive so that you have an archive you can look back on at the end of the homeschool year!

    And as a bonus, you don't have to worry about "saving" your work as you go. Google Drive uses auto-save so none of your efforts ever get "accidentally deleted" like they can in other programs. Woot!!

    (Want to explore more ways to use Google Drive in your homeschool? Check out this infographic!)

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