• Advent for Secular Homeschoolers...on Pinterest!

    pizap-com14174056916381-jpgAre you a Pinterest fan? Do you love to countdown to the holidays, but are concerned about the religious overtones of most advent calendars?

    Guess what?

    Secular Homeschool has their very own Pinterest board dedicated JUST to Advent calendars!

    Get some ideas!
    Project with the kids!
    Project for the kids!
    Surprise the kids!

    Countdown to Christmas, Kwanzaa, Chanukah or Winter Solstice or whatever you want!
    Don't miss out!

    And hey, if you one you would like to share...PIN it to our board!!! Share and share alike!

    Treats, Candy, Acts of Kindness and even just reading a book every day.... you can do a holiday countdown in many ways!

    Personally, this Mom loves the little chocolate ones we grew up. Fond memories of my Grandparents providing me with a new one every Thanksgiving. I was a patient girl and did the correct one daily. My brother, he would eat several days at a time and then beg me for mine. Ummmm no!

    I usually buy my boys the Lego Advent Calendar and the chocolate one but I do LOVE the wrapped storybook countdown version we have on our Pinterest board!

    Psssst, pass it on to your fellow SHS members! The more, the merrier!

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