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  • SHS Summer Postcard Exchange Forum is UP and RUNNING for 2014!

    katlovesaandwpizapw1401683647-jpgIt's that time again...Summer!! Which means that Secular Homeschool is kicking off it's Annual Summer Postcard Exchange!!

    If you are interested in participating, we have a private password-protected forum expressly for this purpose! All you have to do is use the Contact Us at the bottom of the page with your site username to let us know that you want to participate and we will send you the password for the forum so you can safely post your child(ren)'s name and mailing address for the exchange!

    Note: You MUST be a member of SecularHomeschool.com to participate in this project!!

    A postcard exchange is a terrific way to blend in some geography, language arts, and social studies into the lazy, hazy days of summer. Here are some ideas for doing just that...

    • post a large (wall-size?) map on an empty wall and pin each postcard to the appropriate place on the map as it arrives

    • let your children do the choosing of the "outgoing" cards. These can often be found in post-offices, gift stores, hotel lobbies, and especially in your tourist's bureau or visitors center. Locating these cards creates a sense of "pride" for kids about their local area

    • or...let kids create their OWN geography-related postcards using a computer publishing program and some cardstock

    • have kids research and write out one "fact" about their state, province, etc. on each card they send out

    • create a "postcard lapbook" for your arriving cards and do some small learning projects related to each state or country you receive a card from

    • this is a great time to introduce address-related learning concepts like "how to address an envelope/postcard", zip codes, state abbreviations, air mail, etc.

    • check out some United States or World geography books from the library so that you can learn a little more about each region as your postcards arrive
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