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    shs_om_burst-jpgJoyful learning starts with Oak Meadow! Oak Meadow helps you set a natural rhythm of learning for your family through their creative and engaging homeschool curriculum. The compassionate, child-centered approach encourages critical thinking and intellectual development through hands-on activities, interdisciplinary projects, and thoughtful reading and writing practice.


    For this month's giveaway, Oak Meadow is offering a lucky SecularHomeschool.com member a chance to win a complete homeschool curriculum package for the grade of your choice (K-8). Retail Value $275 to $510

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    om_middle_school_girls-jpgTo enter this month's giveaway, read this post on Oak Meadow's blog and answer this question in the comments below: "How do you meet your child's needs for socialization?"

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    1. skcurran's Avatar
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    1. carmenrae's Avatar
      carmenrae -
      I have 8 kids so socializing has never really been an issue. My kids have always been involved in sports. Most played soccer and I coached for years so we always had friends around...get togethers, etc. My 6 year old is playing ice hockey and has made a lot of friends in the hockey community! We are also blessed with fabulous neighborhood kids who they hang out with! When people try to tell me I shouldnt homeschool because my kids are missing out on large groups of friends, I remind them it's not quantity but quality! I KNOW who my kids socialize with, do you?
    1. Jbutter2's Avatar
      Jbutter2 -
      My son socializes by meeting new kids at the library, park, and at a few play dates. He also learns how to interact with people of all ages as we do errands and live our lives.
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    1. Mariam's Avatar
      Mariam -
      Much of socialization is through various extracurricular activities both structured and unstructured. scouts, 4H, parks & rec activities, sports, library activities, church, park free-play
    1. Mariam's Avatar
      Mariam -
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    1. Shtrbug9's Avatar
      Shtrbug9 -
      We meet her socializing needs by enrolling her in sports, meeting other people in the community and playing in the park. She keeps in touch with friends via Skype and play dates. We are looking for a home school group to join currently so that she will have even more chances to be social with peers.
    1. hippiekhalessiof4's Avatar
      hippiekhalessiof4 -
      We take every opportunity to socialize. I have found the easiest way to get my oldest out of his shell is to fund raise for charities he cares about. My middle son is a know it all, he socializes best at arts and crafts fairs and shows where he can help show the little kids how to make things. My youngest is a social butterfly. All I have to do with him is open the door!
    1. ccalanca's Avatar
      ccalanca -
      We socialize with other children in our neighborhood, and the child care center at our local communit center.
    1. MisfitMom's Avatar
      MisfitMom -
      My kids were initially in traditional school, and they kept all of the friends they met. We also are involved in scouts and sports, where they make friends. I sign up for the local homeschool forums, which post events, so they meet other homeschooled kids at the events. There are lots of kids in the neighborhood, which I am thankful for, so they are constantly socializing.
    1. hrwaters's Avatar
      hrwaters -
      My daughter is a social butterfly everywhere we go - engaging anyone from the check-out guy, to other shoppers, postal service employees, restaurant workers, people we see on our walks, and anyone else that happens to cross our path! She talks to her grandparents daily on the phone. We have playdates with kids she's known since her Mommy-and-Me days. She also takes gymnastics twice a week with kids of all ages.
    1. akatnel's Avatar
      akatnel -
      We keep in touch with old friends made in school previously, go to parks & playgrounds to meet new people, have weekly meet-ups with a group of local homeschoolers with kids of various ages, and participate in various activities such as swimming, gymnastics, and Tae Kwan Do.
    1. akatnel's Avatar
      akatnel -
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