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    Oak Meadow's
    progressive, experiential homeschooling curriculum for preK-12 provides students with the educational freedom and flexibility to explore their interests, talents, and passions. The curriculum may be used independently or by enrolling in their fully accredited distance learning school.

    Since 1975, tens of thousands of families have used Oak Meadow. The curriculum has been used in 39 states and 36 countries, and up to 600 students enroll each year.

    For this month's giveaway, Oak Meadow is offering a lucky SecularHomeschool.com member a chance to win a complete homeschool curriculum package for the grade of your choice (PreK-8). Retail Value $130 to $510

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    Published on 01-06-2015 10:41 AM
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    Homeschooling parents give and give and give. We are teaching from birth to graduation, and from breakfast to bedtime. We moms and dads tend to have the philosophy that every moment is a teachable one, so we are always on the alert for opportunities to impart wisdom and to ask questions that get our children thinking. How empowering it is to grow up in a household where knowledge is at such a premium! But for homeschooling parents, themselves, this atmosphere of always being in professor mode, can sometimes be a drain mentally and emotionally. We can easily hit burn-out by constantly being the imparters of knowledge and never the recipients. So what can we do to recharge our own intellectual batteries?

    Reclaim Your Brain

    I think the biggest thing we can do to reclaim our brain is to seek out new learning for ourselves. I am a big proponent of continuing education classes. In most communities, these are often offered through your local community college, although you might also find other organizations such as libraries, community centers, and parks and recreation departments creating programs for continuing-ed, as well. Our local community college, for example, is currently offering courses with such titles as "The Quest for Political Identity in the American Republic," "Local Geology", and "Eastern Religions." The great thing is that many of these continuing education
    Published on 01-11-2015 09:37 AM
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    SecularHomeschool.com is excited to once again open our Valentines Card exchange for our members!! With our kids at home, one of the things we might miss out on is the exchanging of Valentines with our peers. For this reason, we have a whole forum specifically for the purpose of sharing names and addresses to send and receive Valentines with other secular homeschooling families.

    In this activity, you are limited only by your own creativity/finances/ability to get to the post office to buy stamps. You may purchase Valentines or make them yourselves. It might be fun to include something about your home state/country when sending, but that is totally up to you. You may also want to send a picture of yourselves, but again...totally up to you.

    However, here are our top five ideas for turning this project into more than just a simple exchange of pretty pink paper...

    1) Print out and post a Valentine's Exchange Map somewhere in plain sight where you can mark off or even research and find out more about each location that you receive a card from.

    2) Have your kids write by hand one interesting fact about your town or state and include it with each Valentine. (Wouldn't it be amazing if they could write a different fact for every Valentine??!!)

    3) Read the history of St. Valentines Day to your kids and have them create a drawing depicting their favorite part of the story. Photocopy these and turn them into the cover for your Valentines!

    4) Are your kids into learning about making movies? Have them re-create a scene from the story of Valentines Day, and film it and add it to YouTube. You can even include the link to your movie in your Valentines so the recipient feels like they are learning right along with you!

    5) Have your kids create their own Valentine's games. Maybe a Valentines hangman? Or a crossword puzzle? Or a Valentines Word Search? Then photocopy their efforts and include them with each Valentine you send!

    To participate in our Valentines Exchange 2015, all you need to do is use the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the page, and request the password for the private forum. Then head over there and read the instructions and get started!! Oh, and please, come back here and let us know what creative ideas your family came up with for sharing love across the miles!!

    PS: If you are a new member, because members share names and addresses in this private forum, you must have 2 moderated posts in our site forum before you can participate (one of which needs to be in the Introductions and Welcomes forum). Thanks!
    by Published on 01-24-2015 12:58 AM
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    So, I see pictures all the time of homeschoolers and their pets! I LOVE them!
    In fact, I saw a picture today of a kid doing his worksheets with his snake! It was so awesome!

    Pets and kids seem to go together! And pets, kids and schoolwork makes for a great homeschool day!

    How many pets do you have?
    We are a pet family, BIG TIME. Mom is the main pet lover, but Dad and my boys love them too just not as much as I do.....LOL
    We have:
    • 2 dogs, a mini cattle dog and a italian greyhound/chihuahua rescue
    • 2 cats, our newest kitten is a feral rescue and thinks she is raccoon/dog in cat clothing
    • 10 finches, 9 society and 1 owl -several are rescues
    • 1 bearded dragon
    • 1 leopard gecko, rescue
    • fish inside and out
    • 15+ chickens, several are rescues or unwanted retirees
    • 4 ducks, 2 are rescues
    • 19 quail

    My boys help care for and are knowledgeable about them.
    Most of the time, the cattle dog is at my older sons feet while he studying or laying on his bed with him while he reads. Our bearded dragon has her cage adjacent to the homeschool work table and can often be seen waving or watching the boys work!

    How many pets do you have?
    Answer the poll# and then if you want, comment what kind and/or include pics! Tell us how they help out during your homeschool day!

    Click here to tell us! ...

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