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    by Published on 12-01-2014 09:00 AM
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    We are thrilled to announce a featured giveaway from one of our favorite sponsors, Science4Us, at SecularHomeschool.com this month!

    Science4Us is a complete, K-2 digital science curriculum that also helps students build literacy and math skills. Science4Us includes lesson plans, automated reports, printable worksheets and more.

    Science should be experienced, not just read about from books, but science also doesn’t have to ruin your
    carpet! These important experiences can be had virtually, in a way that engages today’s learners and doesn’t turn into a chore for Mom and Dad. Components included for students are:
    • over 350 animated activities
    • automated reporting for homeschool portfolios
    • life, physical, earth/space science...and more!

    If you'd like to find out more about Science4Us, visit their website, read other homeschoolers' reviews of the program, or try out lesson demos.

    The lucky winner of our December giveaway will win a 12-month subscription to the Science4Us core science curriculum.

    Keep up with the latest at Science4Us:

    To enter this giveaway, simply comment below about why you would like to win a subscription to Science4Us for your early elementary student. You may earn up to four additional entries for this giveaway by sharing this giveaway on Facebook and coming back and commenting to let us know, by sharing this giveaway on Twitter and coming back and commenting to let us know (with your Twitter ID), by sharing this giveaway on your Google+ profile and coming back and commenting to let us know (with the URL link of your share), or by sharing the giveaway on your personal blog or website and coming back and leaving a comment with a link to your post. (Each additional entry must be entered via a separate comment)

    Click here to view the official rules of this giveaway
    Published on 12-16-2014 01:57 PM
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    Article Preview

    American School has been a leader in high school distance education for more than a century, offering the accredited high school courses you need at a cost you can afford. In 2015, we’re taking steps to ensure we remain a leader for years to come.

    We know that students learn in different ways. Some prefer an entirely paper-based curriculum, which has been our primary course delivery method since our founding in 1897. Others, however, feel more comfortable learning online. That’s why we are proud to offer entirely online versions of our General High School Program and College Preparatory Program. Both diploma programs consist of 18 units of credit with ample room for electives. For more information about all of our online learning offerings, including our online diploma programs and online exams which are available for most of our paper-based courses, visit www.americanschool.org/online-learning.

    If you are planning on going to community college or directly into the workforce after graduation, consider enrolling in our General High School Program. Students complete 11-13 required courses and may consider taking Business, Career and Technical Education courses as their electives.

    If you are planning on attending college after graduation, consider enrolling in our College Preparatory Program. Students complete 12-15 required courses and may consider taking Fine Arts or World Languages courses as their electives. In order to give our students a wider variety of online World Languages courses, we partnered with Rosetta Stone and are happy to have ten of their most popular courses in our curriculum, including Arabic, Mandarin Chinese and Japanese, all of which are becoming more valuable in the global marketplace, as well as English as a Second Language.

    In its 118-year history, American School has educated more than three million students from across the country and around the world. Many of them, such as bestselling author Christopher Paolini and actress Jessica Alba, have gone on to become famous, but all of our students enjoy the benefits of what we call our Four C’scurriculum, caring student service, credibility and cost.

    Students work entirely at their own pace, but they are never alone. American School tries to make distance learning as personal as possible. For example, our instructors write personalized, handwritten comments when they grade exams in paper-based courses and offer similar feedback when grading exams online. Our staff is available during normal business hours to answer ...
    by Published on 11-30-2014 10:59 PM
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    Are you a Pinterest fan? Do you love to countdown to the holidays, but are concerned about the religious overtones of most advent calendars?

    Guess what?

    Secular Homeschool has their very own Pinterest board dedicated JUST to Advent calendars!

    Get some ideas!
    Project with the kids!
    Project for the kids!
    Surprise the kids!

    Countdown to Christmas, Kwanzaa, Chanukah or Winter Solstice or whatever you want!
    Don't miss out!

    And hey, if you one you would like to share...PIN it to our board!!! Share and share alike!

    Treats, Candy, Acts of Kindness and even just reading a book every day.... you can do a holiday countdown in many ways!

    Personally, this Mom loves the little chocolate ones we grew up. Fond memories of my Grandparents providing me with a new one every Thanksgiving. I was a patient girl and did the correct one daily. My brother, he would eat several days at a time and then beg me for mine. Ummmm no!

    I usually buy my boys the Lego Advent Calendar and the chocolate one but I do LOVE the wrapped storybook countdown version we have on our Pinterest board!

    Psssst, pass it on to your fellow SHS members! The more, the merrier! ...
    by Published on 12-10-2014 05:40 PM
    Article Preview

    Happy Day!

    So, this is our weekly poll but it is not a poll. HAHA It is the holiday season and with that comes lots of family time, special books that are read only at this time of year and we want to know what is YOUR family favorite!!

    Do you read it over and over ALL MONTH LONG?!
    Is it just read ONCE on a special day?

    For us, it is "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" by Dr. Seuss. I am a HUGE Dr. Seuss fan, hubby LOVES this movie and it became one of our family traditions once my boys were born!

    Not only do we read the book together, but we definitely watch the movie at least once....

    I also have a very old felted and flocked copy of Twas' the Night Before Christmas from my grandparents that I do love to read on Christmas Eve. My boys have basically outgrown this but indulge Mom every December 24th before bed!

    But, if I had to pick just 1... it would be the Grinch, hands down.

    So, what is your favorite holiday read... whether it is for Christmas, Winter Solstice, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or ?

    Click here to tell us!! ...
    by Published on 11-10-2014 11:08 PM
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    The 2014 Holiday Season is upon us! What does that mean to those of us at SHS! You, your family and/or your child can participate in the annual Holiday card exchange!

    This has become a tradition among Secular Homeschool Members!

    Whether you are a new member, old member, never exchanged before member, whatever kind of member.....as long as you are a contributing member of SHS, you can participate!!

    If you go to your Forum page, scroll down and click on the SHS Christmas/Holiday card exhange and read the rules and directions! Then, just use our Contact Form to request the password for the forum. (We make this forum private so that names and addresses aren't publicly viewable)

    To participate in this exchange,well we all know how this works right? NO? Ok it's simple, just start a new thread with your family or child's name and address in it. As others start new threads simply reply to their post to let them know that you are sending out a card to them. Then they will do the same for you!! Please put in your post how your family celebrates the Holidays (ex. Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Yule,Winter Solstice, etc)

    Now your cards can be store bought BUT our personal favorite is handmade cards, even story cards with your family's traditions and/or recipes around the holidays or family newsletters of everything exciting you did this year.

    The sky is the limit!

    Want to know what the most important part is? To have FUN! Make connections with other members, make a friend, and have fun!!!

    Happy Holidays and Happy Exchanging!

    PS: IF you are a brand new member or longtime lurker to Secular Homeschool, please understand that since this involves names and addresses of members.... you must have at least 2 approved posts before you are allowed the password for the Holiday Card Exchange forum! One of those posts must be an INTRO post plus 1 additional post! Thanks!

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