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    Bees are buzzing. The AC is humming. The pool is calling. And the last thing your kiddo feels like doing is pulling out a pen and paper. Yet, writing is definitely one of those muscles that atrophies when not stretched. Therein lies a lazy, hazy summertime dilemma.

    As with most things, the key to convincing a student to do something he or she doesn’t necessarily want to do is...to put some FUN in it! The following are four ideas for incorporating writing into a busy (or not-so-busy) summer vacation.

    Nature journaling

    One part description, one part illustration, two parts personality. That’s the recipe for the best kind of nature journal. As you walk through forests, along beaches, or even just through your neighborhood, let your child’s eagle eyes scope out the stuff you just might have missed. They will notice a small feather lodged between rocks. They’ll spot a millipede on the side of a lamp post. They might even be the one to discover the four leaf clover in the middle of a field. Whatever they spy with their little eye is worth journaling about. Even better, there are no rules! They may want to tell a story about what lives between the mushrooms in the woods. They may want to label each part of the robin on the fence. Mother Nature can certainly be a young writer’s greatest muse.

    Postcard exchange

    We usually host a postcard exchange on the SecularHomeschool.com forum each summer where members of SHS can privately share addresses, ages, and ...

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