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    SecularHomeschool.com was created to provide information, resources, and a place to share and connect with secular homeschoolers across the world. Secularhomeschool.com aims to be your one-stop shop for all things homeschool! We will be highlighting information about wonderful secular homeschool resources, and keeping you up to date with what is going on in the world of secular homeschooling. But that is only the beginning. Secularhomeschool.com is your playground. A place to share the things that are important to you. A place to create and join groups that share your interests. A place to give and get advice. There are no limits to what you can do at Secular Homeschool, so join today and help build the community you have always wanted.


    • Are there any fees to be a member of SecularHomeschool.com?
      • Absolutely not! SecularHomeschool.com is free to join and free to participate in. There are no membership fees, hidden costs, or charges of any kind for members.

    • How do I figure my way around SecularHomeschool.com?
      • Well, after you have created your profile, you can access it any time by clicking on the "My Profile" link in the top navigation menu.
      • The "Settings" link in that menu is where you will make any changes to your profile including choosing a profile picture, listing your personal blog, and sharing info about yourself. You can also edit your email or password here, customize your forum signature, and choose the level of privacy you want for your site profile.
      • The "Notifications" menu will alert you to any new site messages that any site member might send you.
      • In the main navigation menu, you will find links to the main sections of the site: the Home Page, Forum Page, Blogs Page, Groups Page, Resources Page, and About Page. Most of these are self-explanatory, but you might want to know that there is no longer an Articles Page, because now all articles can be accessed from the Home Page by clicking on a specific article category in the left hand sidebar, or by clicking "View All" at the bottom of the page. The Forum Page also includes a submenu that will take you to the Forum Archive, the Member List, view your Private Messages, and even let you view all NEW posts since your last visit!

    • ​Why aren't my posts showing up?
      • To help us control the amount of spam that comes onto the site, we moderate your first two posts. This means that your first two posts are in moderation and will not be visible to anyone until we can approve them. So don't panic your posts are still there.... it can take up to 24 hours for the posts to show up but usually it is only a couple of hours.
      • Blog posts.... since we have updated the system it is now NOT possible to add a blog post until after you get through the first two moderated comments. After those are approved then you will be allowed to post blog section of the forum. They are still held in moderation mode until a site admin can look them over, since this is where we get most spam activity.

    • Why are my posts moderated?
      • Here at SHS, we do not moderate content UNLESS you are promoting your product or are spamming the site. By moderating the first two posts it allows us to see that you are who you say you are We try not to step in on the forum too much as well, unless a member becomes abusive towards others. We feel that we are all grown-ups and can make the decision to discuss almost any topic in a adult matter.

    • How do I report a forum or blog post that I suspect might be spam or abusive?
      • It is easy to report a post or blog..​underneath each thread/post there is a little triangle with a exclamation mark inside of it, you can click on that it will take you to another screen where you can input a message then hit submit report. OR you can use the contact us and let us know that way with a link to the post/blog you are reporting.

    • What else can I do on SecularHomeschool.com?
      • Have you got a while? You can do PLENTY on the site...so let's examine some of the things you might want to try:
      • Write a Blog Post - Just head up to the Blogs page to add your very own blog post to the site, and to check out other recent posts as well. If we enjoy your blog post, we might also promote it to a front page article on the home page!!
      • Participate in the Forums - SecularHS.com has a great set of discussion forums under various categories like Homeschool Curriculum, Homeschooling Styles, Homeschooling Issues, and Fun Stuff.
      • Network! - Secular homeschoolers can tend to feel like a minority within a minority, and this is the place to help you not feel so alone. Browse the Members section of the site and meet some terrific secular homeschoolers!!
      • Get Information - Have you visited the Resources section yet? This is a growing list of information specifically aimed at secular homeschoolers.
      • Check out New Articles - We will be adding new articles about homeschooling weekly, so check back often to see what has been added or better yet, use the RSS button on the home page to subscribe so you don't miss a single thing!!
      • Join a Group - Within secular homeschooling are a bundle of different groups, philosophies, and circumstances. Check out the Groups Page to find out just what you have in common with all these folks!
      • Take a Poll - We will be updating the site polls often, so weigh in, and then check back and see how your responses stack up against others'.
      • Follow Us On Twitter - That's right, SecularHomeschool.com has its own Twitter account at secularhs
      • Friend us on Facebook - To become a fan of SecularHomeschool.com on Facebook, use the Facebook widget on the right hand sidebar of the homepage
      • Join us on G+ - If you are a G+ user, we'd love it if you would add us to your circles and we will definitely return the favor. https://plus.google.com/105217641306359486953/
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        We're busily populating boards such as Secular Homeschooling, Advantages of Homeschooling, and SHS Sillies. Check us out at
      • Spread The Word - The only way SecularHomeschool.com can become an active, vibrant community is if secular homeschoolers know about it, so you can help with this by displaying our site button (located at the bottom of the homepage) on your website or blog, or simply invite your friends to check out the site!

    • How can I contact the administrators of SecularHomeschool.com with a question or comment?
      • To contact us, use the "Contact Us" link in the bottom navigation menu of the site.

    • I'm a vendor or publisher of secular homeschool curriculum or products. How can I advertise on SecularHomeschool.com?
      • Vendors and publishers can find out about our advertising options here.

    SecularHomeschool.com is owned by Vkidz Inc., which also owns Time4Learning.com, Time4Writing.com, and other educational and community sites. Other groups interested in providing long-term support to SecularHomeschool.com should contact us.

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