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    Reading Kingdom

    Review from member Alanae
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    I loved Reading Kingdom. I have an ADHD son who we took out of public school in the ...
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    by Published on 08-08-2014 12:10 PM

    So, in honor of World Cat Day(8-8-2014), I decided to ask the age old question of whether you are a cat person or a dog person or both or neither or ?LOL

    Our house is a house divided.

    My oldest son is a DOG person ALL THE WAY. He really isn't interested in other critters, he will look at them, etc. but wants nothing but a dog for a pet. Though he has taken an interest in the new kitten and picks her up for a cuddle every so often. Though her personality would win over the most die-hard dog fan!LOL

    My younger son prefers cats! Always has, though he is an animal lover PERIOD and would gladly accept any critter we wanted to bring home.

    Myself and my husband, we love animals. I rescue and drag home anything that needs assistance and he has become just about as bad.

    Now, I think if I had to make a choice and have just 1 pet due to finances or housing..... 1st that would be HARD but I would choose a cat. Love cats, always have had 1 or 2. They are mostly self-sufficient and can care for themselves with little help from us. No need to walk them, etc. But are also good for a quick cuddle.

    So, what is everyone in your house? Cat person or dog person?
    Click here to tell us! ...
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    Article Preview

    The Dark Ages of Secular Homeschooling

    I started homeschooling back in the Dark Ages. Don’t laugh! There was really and truly a time when finding another homeschooler who wasn’t homeschooling for religious or moral reasons was akin to finding a cactus growing in the ocean. No wait...let me clarify. Living here in North Carolina, it was more like finding a cactus growing in your bathtub.

    Now you’re curious to know what the Dark Ages of Homeschooling was like, aren’t you? I’d like to give you a full account, but my therapist has said that regression treatment isn’t the right protocol for my post-traumatic-denim-skirt-disorder. But there are occasional flashbacks of fibbing on support-group statements of faith, condemnations of our sons’ card-game hobbies, and marked looks of disapproval when it was my turn to teach the science co-op class.

    My Attempts to Reach Enlightenment

    In 2009, after trying everything from putting up flyers in the local library seeking other secular homeschoolers to scheduling Sunday morning field trips in order to “out” any other closeted families in our support group, I gave up looking for local support and turned my attention to the web. Surely there were some organized online gathering places for homeschoolers like myself who had chosen this educational path simply because it was the right option for my kiddos.

    Sadly, though, even the secular homeschooling networks on the internet were few and far between. But having recently watched “Field of Dreams” for the umpteenth time, I became convinced that there really were other homeschoolers like myself somewhere out there, and if I could just create a welcoming and inclusive place - - a place where people who homeschooled for health reasons, poor school/child fit reasons, family bonding

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