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    by Published on 05-17-2016 08:40 AM
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    Teaching science is one of the hardest subjects for most homeschoolers for many reasons, one of which is that the parent feels inadequately prepared to teach science because it was so hard and/or boring when they took science in school. This is exactly why I hate teaching English/grammar/Literature and unfortunately my hatred for writing has rubbed off on my oldest. But you are not too old to learn science along with your children, and with the resources available on the internet, particularly youtube, it can be very entertaining. When people ask me if I feel like Iím wasting my degree in physics staying at home with the kids, I say NO! Iím still learning, in my first year of homeschooling alone, I learned more history than I ever learned in school. Iíve also learned Japanese, some basic piano (before my child shot past me on the learning curve), and a whole lot of science which I did not know 10 years ago.

    Even though I have a degree in physics, that does not mean Iím equally comfortable teaching biology, earth science or chemistry. So last year when I taught high school biology using a college textbook, I was basically one week ahead of the kids. I had never had biology in college and my high school biology class??? I guess I had one but I have absolutely no memories of it. So I was learning as I went and youtube was my hero. The text we used was really good and I understood most of what I read, but it was nice to go to Youtube and watch Hank Green, the Amoeba sisters or Khan Academy explain the concepts as well, not to mention its more fun to watch Crash Course than to read a textbook. Youtube is also a gold mine when looking for labs, especially labs you canít or donít want to do in your kitchen. We actually did quite a bit of dissecting in our biology class and I would watch ...
    by Published on 05-13-2016 05:25 PM


    Many of us get into this homeschool journey and get to a point or a subject where we are not sure we can or have the ability to teach it!! I know I have been there, done that! Jennifer Siders is our featured From Soup to Nuts poster this coming week to talk to us about ďhow to teach science (or any subject) when you know nothing about itĒ!!

    Jennifer Siders has been homeschooling her boys from the beginning. She has a PhD in Physics and was teaching as an adjunct college professor when her first son was born. For the past 11 years sheís been teaching science classes in her home for small groups of homeschoolers. Last summer she started posting about her classes at https://homeschoolsciencegeek.wordpress.com, so other homeschoolers can follow along or find ideas for lab activities.

    Next week, Jennifer will be chatting with us on how to get past this in her discussion, ďUsing Youtube as your science teacher/inspiration for you and your children.Ē

    Come join us!
    Published on 05-13-2016 09:03 AM
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