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    by Published on 07-14-2010 08:10 AM
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    1279121417_icontexto-inside-facebook-pngI have a saying I coined awhile back.... "Google owns the world. They just let Facebook live in it."

    I'm starting to wonder if it isn't soon going to be the other way around, though. Just about everyone I know has a Facebook account. Those who don't have at least pondered getting one, because they know they are missing out on something.

    So if you have a website, no matter what the size, you begin to strategize on how to integrate it with the deity of social networks. That is true here at SecularHomeschool.com, too. We have had a Facebook presence since the beginning of the site, and it has grown to over 750 "Likes".

    But this week, we are taking our Facebook connectivity to new levels with a new registration page for new members who would like to connect to the site using their Facebook account. (this is only for new registrations...it will not affect you if you are already registered with the site)

    You will also notice that you can now "Like" individual articles, threads, and blogs from our site right on your own Facebook profile!! Just go to the top of each item and look for this logo:


    I'd love to hear how you feel about these new options...feel free to comment below!
    Published on 07-06-2010 09:27 PM

    by Tom Baugh

    It's no secret that, in general, homeschooled children far outperform publicly schooled children in many areas. Math, language arts, philosophy and history - - all of these have traditionally been the domain of the homeschooler. But for more in-depth technology subjects, including engineering, public and formal schools seem to have a monopoly on this area of knowledge.

    So what keeps homeschoolers at a disadvantage in this area? Simply the absence of a knowledgeable mentor and the lack of suitable instructional materials. Of these two, the lack of instructional materials is the larger obstacle. Could you imagine teaching algebra or calculus without suitable textbooks and instructor materials, no matter what your knowledge level in the subject? Of course not. Technology is no different. Even those parents with significant experience find it difficult to pass on all their knowledge of a given area of technology. And those without this experience could feel completely hopeless in this area.

    Before examining technology options open to homeschoolers, we should first discuss why homeschoolers might be interested in this field of study. ...

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