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    What is zen? Zen is the practice of choosing peace over drama, balance over dogma, and compassion over judgment. So then...what is Zen-schooling?? In her newest book, Zenschooling: Living a Fabulous and Fulfilling Life Without School, author Tammy Takahashi tries to explain.

    "In Zenschooling, I attempt to capture this essense of what creates our dramas and how we can deal with these stories we create with compassion not only for our children, but for ourselves and the world we live in, while still being homeschoolers who have to make decisions about curriculum, socialization, and how to find time to do the laundry."

    Two (2) lucky winners of this month's giveaway, Zenschooling,
    will be able to bring a little Zen into their education at home, and use the power of experience, mindfulness, and acceptance to create an amazing homeschooling life.

    To find out more about Zenschooling and other homeschool-related wisdom from Tammy, be sure to check out her blog, Just Enough and Nothing More. And to order Zenschooling: Living a Fabulous and Fulfilling Life Without School for yourself, drop by the publisher's website. It will also soon be available via Amazon and even on Kindle and iPad!!
    Published on 08-26-2010 09:34 AM
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    An excerpt from a terrific article published today on the St. Louis Post Dispatch Website

    Twelve years ago my husband and I had dinner with friends. They were homeschooling their youngest child, then in fifth grade, and at some point in the evening the conversation turned to education. ďDonít take this the wrong way,Ē I said, ďbecause you two are the exception. But most homeschoolers are freaks.Ē

    Eleven years ago I became a homeschooler. Serves me right, really, after that remark. I certainly didnít anticipate taking this path, but Iíve stayed on it, and last week began my 11th straight year of homeschooling.

    From kindergarten through second grade, my oldest son attended public school and I worked hard to be the ideal school mom: head room parent, field trip chaperone, weekly volunteer in the classroom. My husband and I didnít consider homeschooling until it became clear that our son was struggling in the classroom. He was quiet, a daydreamer, the kind of child for whom noise and chaos and crowds produced intense discomfort. How can the public school system accommodate for that? And so, despite my misgivings about becoming one of the freaks, I decided to give homeschooling a try.
    Well, giving it a ďtryĒ is the wrong way to say it, actually. I approached homeschooling with the same zeal Iíd given to being a school mom. Iíve always loved to read, love to study, and thought I would be a natural as a homeschool teacher. I was sure I would produce one of those children spouting Latin, playing the cello and weighing the merits of the Federalist Papers before age 10. Youíve heard of them, right? Itís ironic that in my determination to avoid one homeschool stereotype (denim-jumper-wearing-young-earth-creationist-patriarchal-fundamentalist), I latched on to another. It turns out that the intensive, classical education model of schooling didnít fit my child any more than the denim jumpers suited me. And yet, ultimately homeschooling did work for us......

    To read the remainder of this article, click here.

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