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    by Published on 06-01-2011 04:35 AM

    attachment-2-jpgThis is something that I had experienced while my oldest was still in school. In the 5th grade, the school system feels that it is a good time to show all the children, sex education films. They separate the boys and girls, of course, but some of the topics made my very sensitive child uncomfortable enough that he made himself sick. So my husband and I discussed it with him at home but didn't go into to great detail, waiting for his mind to catch up with his body. This next year will be his 9th grade year and I have to decided to take it slow by first introducing one of "The Anatomy Coloring Book", and we are lucky enough to have a POE center nearby that is all about the body. They offer classes which might be an option down the road.

    So when do you as homeschooling parents think that it is appropriate time to teach sex education?

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    by Published on 05-31-2011 05:38 AM

    Algebra is the metaphysics of arithmetic. ~~John Ray~~

    Thankfully, though, Hands-On Equations demystifies the learning of algebraic equations and verbal problems. It is a fun, whole-brain learning approach which enables students to experience a high level of success with algebraic concepts. Equations such as 4x + 3 = 3x + 9 are learned as early as the 3rd lesson. The introductory verbal problems book then enables students to apply their learning to verbal problems such as, “Five times Kay’s age, increased by 2, is the same as twice her age, increased by 11. How old is Kay?”

    The Hands-On Equations Home Packet includes the Hands-On Equations® Learning System with reproduction rights for immediate family members, the Instructional Video Manual in DVD format,and the Hands-On Equations® Verbal Problems Introductory Workbook. The program is designed for children ages 8-12. (Retail Value: $110) And this month, at SHS, three lucky members

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