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    by Published on 04-25-2016 01:46 PM
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    Five years ago I began a homeschool journey for my two children while working full time in early intervention. I have also taught in special education, trained teachers and day care providers and developed curriculum for special group activities. Since joining the homeschool community I have found many friends, some of whom are educating their children with special needs. Common concerns I have heard from friends and from responses in this group were “How do I find/adapt/teach my child who learns differently?” and “How do I have time to give everyone the attention they need, not just my child with special needs?”. I also received some responses from this group asking about ways to support executive function and identify when and how to use early intervention. These are such big topics individually, especially because all children are unique in their needs and learning styles.

    In thinking about this topic I considered families I know and my own background, having a parent with a disability. There are academic needs, social emotional needs, physical needs and family needs to take into consideration. While there is sometimes overlap, often the ways they are met is very individual. Some families respond well to ...
    by Published on 04-15-2016 09:13 AM
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    It's Spring! What does that mean in many schools? Picture Day. You know...lining up in your (hopefully) clean duds to sit under the bright lights and shine your best Shirley Temple grin at the cameraman for all posterity. 

    WHAT A JOKE!!! Not in OUR school!!!

    We know what homeschool pics REALLY look like.  Pajama-clad feet sneaking out to the garage to see if the chickens have hatched yet.  Furrowed brows bent over the cereal bowl and the latest Beyonders book. Sisters building their history project out of Legos. Little brother waiting by the mailbox to see if Flat Stanley will come today. Your teen proudly holding her Homeschool Debate trophy. THESE are the images that crowd our cameras and smartphones until they are at the bursting point.

    Well now, it's time to share!!   SecularHomeschool.com is proud to introduce...


    Homeschool Picture Day is an online celebration of homeschoolers and the wide variety of ways we learn and grow and spend our days. And we'd love to have YOU participate!

    All you have to do to join us is create an account at Instagram , and share pics of your homeschool days past and present! To have them added to our stream, simply be sure to add the hashtag #homeschoolpictureday to each one.  All pictures shared with the hashtag will be automatically featured in our new Instagram widget on the home page of SHS plus we will be featuring our favorite submissions each week on our Facebook page!  (Note: for privacy purposes, please only share pictures of your own children; do NOT share group images or pictures of children for whom you do not have guardianship over)

    Check out the latest pics added to our stream......

    by Published on 04-11-2016 12:23 PM
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    Our family has always been passionate about the great outdoors. Mostly because we live in the Blue Ridge Mountains, which is about as pretty a place as you can possibly imagine (if you have to imagine it, then please do come visit this area, ‘cause it’s worth the trip!!) But also because our sons love getting outside. Even in their deepest stages of internet-attachment, they’ve craved a way to expend some of their pent up energies. Our boys grew up hiking multiple times weekly, and we live in a fairly small size city, as well, so when they wanted to go somewhere, they walked!

    I hate speaking for our other SHS Admin, aandwsmom, but I’m pretty sure she’ll tell you herself (she’ll be chiming in for the discussion part) that the natural world has always been deeply ingrained into their family as well. I love it when she lists all the animals they currently house on their city-dweller property. It’s boggling to the mind!

    So, she and I decided with Earth Day approaching, we’d love to kick off a discussion ...
    by Published on 04-10-2016 01:53 AM

    We started homeschooling Fall 2008.

    It was an accidental homeschooler kind of thing, that quickly turned into something we love and wish we had started from the beginning.

    But, being that this was not planned..... I had to scramble to come up with something.
    I knew online was our best choice! At least to start.

    We have tried to go off the grid and do offline school. Emails to Grandma and using it for research were about the only reason we used the computer for homeschool.
    We barely made it through that year.

    Offline schooling was not for us.
    We now use a combo of both. Online for our core, offline for extra stuff, sometimes we use both.

    Whatever you use, you are a homeschooler and doing a great job!
    So, tell us.... do you homeschool offline? Online? Or a combo of both!
    Click here to tell us!

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