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    Published on 01-01-2018 05:34 PM

    Outschool: Get the Best Live Online Classes for K-12 Enrichment and Independent Study

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    Enhance your family’s learning with small-group, live online classes from Outschool. Learning with Outschool is convenient, cost-effective and collaborative with learners interacting with a teacher and peers over group video chat.

    Here’s what parents are saying out our classes:

    Amie P reviewed:
    “What Really Is Electricity?"

    Jennifer D reviewed:Outschool
    Mandy J reviewed:
    6th Grade Science - Genetics
    “Wonderful class! My girls can't stop talking about how great Mr. Salch was. They were incredibly eager to share their notes and newly acquired knowledge.” “It's wonderful to have access to such a wide range of interesting subjects taught by enthusiastic teachers in the comfort of our own home. My kids also enjoy being able to interact through video conferencing with class mates.” “To be able to have the opportunity to learn genetics at 12 years old is such a gift, and the way Mr. Council taught it captivated my son. Every time he finished his class he was so excited about everything he learned. ”

    Over 40,000 families use our service to find learning opportunities for their kids. Classes range from core academics to enrichment and practical skills, for every age group and subject.
    Check out all our Spring classes at https://outschool.com/online-classes, here are a few examples:

    Math English Science Social Studies Modern Skills
    Math Without PressureClose the gaps in your basic math knowledge.
    English - Language and Literature
    This language and literature course will take learners on an academic journey towards a love of English.
    The Science of Harry Potter: Genetics in the Wizarding World
    Learn all about genetics in the most fun way possible- through the world of Harry Potter!
    AP Microeconomics
    This is a flexible and creative economics class for advanced high school students
    Inventions that Changed the World
    Discover more about inventions that changed the world
    Competitive Mathematics
    Counting, Probability and Word Problems.
    A Wrinkle in Time - A Novel Study for Reluctant and Struggling Readers
    Using reading strategies, discussion, pre-reading and post-reading activities, reluctant and struggling readers will be offered opportunities​ to improve their reading comprehension and enjoy a science fantasy​ classic.
    Adventures with Physics
    Expand your knowledge of physics with this comprehensive introductory course
    US History: From Unity to Division- The Colonies to the Civil War
    This is the first in our NEW US History Series! From the formation of the first colonies (with an emphasis on the first two), we’ll follow the United States from its tumultuous birth through its most tumultuous time period- the Civil War.
    Blogs! Blogs! Blogs!
    The intention of class is to emulate and create blogs to impress.

    With over 2,000 classes offered by hundreds of independent teachers, Outschool has the broadest range of live online learning options for K-12. Get started with Outschool today, our teachers are waiting to hear from you.​​​

    Published on 01-01-2018 01:01 PM
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    Outschool: Get the Best Live Online Classes for K-12 Enrichment and Independent Study

    . Join Outschool.com for Free

    Enhance your

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