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    by Published on 05-15-2013 11:46 PM

    Guess what happened at Secular Homeschool this week? Can you guess? No?! Well, we reached 10,000 members!!!!
    So, this week's poll is pertaining to that!
    How long have you been a member of SHS?
    I have been a member since October 2010!
    I love SHS! I love the difference in my homeschool BECAUSE of SHS and all of you members!
    Your daily insight, answers, questions and just plain fun all over the forum have made it a joy to be a member and a moderator!!
    So, please tell us how long you have been a member!!!
    Thank you for being a valued member of Secular Homeschool from the bottom of our hearts!
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    by Published on 05-10-2013 10:52 PM
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    I’ve never been able to do completely year-round schooling. I’ve had intentions - - even made a complete summer plan one year - - but I’ve never been able to fully commit. I’m just entirely too conditioned by my own experience of “summer break,” I guess. But of course that doesn’t mean that the kiddos weren’t constantly learning - - even on the absolute laziest sun-kissed August day.

    If you’ve been starting to wind down for school year 2012/2013 then you might be pondering what you are going to do with the upcoming break time. Or if you’re a year-rounder, maybe you are looking for some ideas to “revitalize” your routine. Let’s explore just some of the ways that you and your kids can keep boredom at bay and the learning recharged this summer!

    Go Green

    Nothing says summer like working in the dirt, so get those trowels dusted off and those gardening gloves shaken out. Try one of these fun and educational ideas to get the dirt (and your brains) flying: ...
    by Published on 05-09-2013 05:39 PM
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    Welcome to a "Day in the Life of a Secular Homeschooler"! This week we are featuring a day in the life of....rueyn ! She has been homeschooling almost 3 years, is Mom to one and you can keep reading to learn a little about a day in her secular homeschool.....

    From the end of December through the beginning of January, we were a family. No work, no homeschool, no set schedule, no responsibilities. Eleven days of just living.

    The lack of rigidity allowed us to simply BE.

    For days after Christmas, my son was upstairs in his room, building kit after kit of LEGOs while my husband and I went about our own lives reading books, watching movies, playing video games, and resting.

    There was no squabbling, no feeling of restlessness – just a sense of togetherness that, to be honest, has been absent for a very long time.

    The lack of rigidity allowed us to simply be.

    While dh went back to work last week, the public school system was still out on break, so I let the Kid continue his vacation, too. And once he’d finished his Christmas building and gotten over the worst of his illness, something beautiful happened: he asked me if we could watch a video together. Not just any video, but “the one about cells and germs“. Of course I said yes.

    The following day, we were both well enough to go on an extended nature walk, jumping right back into our long-term, intensive study on how local beavers are affecting the environment of our stream.

    In the days following came another video, this one about the Great Barrier Reef, then further research on the Periodic Table, an art project, a book on germs, “What Happened Before the Big Bang?”, owl pellet discussion and dissection… ...

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