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    Published on 12-07-2018 02:09 PM

    The holidays are upon us. No matter how or what you celebrate, this time of year brings a lot of activities, visitors, and sometimesÖ.chaos. As far as homeschooling is concerned, you can either continue during this time or you can do what many fellow homeschoolers do, take a break.

    As homeschool parents, we wear many hats. Parent, teacher, taxi driver, event planner, principal, librarian, and the list goes on. Holidays seem to add to this list. We have so many things we want to do, traditions we want to observe, plus extra shopping, extra company and EXTRA everything. This can raise our stress level, and sometimes homeschooling gets put on the back burner. Then we, as parents, feel guilty. We didnít school todayÖ.again.


    You donít have to feel guilty. Remember, schooling happens wherever and whenever. Even if you are not doing traditional schooling, you are teaching your children life lessons. You are creating family traditions and best of all, memories.

    As a homeschooling parent, I realized our first holiday season that I had booked too much. We made it through, barely. When January rolled around, I was exhausted, my boys were exhausted, and we realized we didnít enjoy the holiday season, nor make many memories. I vowed that we would never do that again.

    Starting the week of Thanksgiving, we now take time off until January 2. We may do some physical homeschooling curriculum, we may not. Our math and reading may be baking cookies and our socialization may be delivering them to the neighbors. Watching a fun holiday movie and completing a little report on it may be on the agenda. Chatting with great-grandpa about his service in WWII counts as history. It is life and I consider it homeschooling.

    This little break, during a fun time of year, clears the cobwebs. It gets us over the mid-year homeschooling slump. We are able to start back in January with fresh minds. This break also gives me, the homeschooling parent, time to change up any curriculum. ...

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