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    by Published on 03-27-2014 11:57 PM

    So, Spring is in the air and with it comes the smell of freshly turned dirt, the arrival of plants and flowers at places like Home Depot or Lowe's and at my house...the plotting of the garden! Turning the beds, buying seeds and where everything will go this year!
    I have done a garden for the past 7 Summers and it has grown every year. Partly because the size of my boys has grown and partly because I am learning a little more each year what grows best and where, how to preserve our harvest and what we eat the most!
    2014 garden is no exception! We are in Oregon and with the drought that California is experiencing, much of our Spring and Summer produce may not be available OR if it is...it will be sky high in prices. YIKES!
    Therefore, I am plotting and planning with help from my boys as to what we need the most and how to get the most from our garden beds! Graph paper is in great use at our house!
    Planning the garden is a family affair and an expected part of their homeschooling day. You need to know what you want to plant, the plant requirements, your garden areas, the soil you have and how much of each you can put in and raise successfully. It is all science! ...
    by Published on 03-20-2014 10:53 PM

    So Spring is officially HERE! WAHOO Wait a minute while I do the happy dance! We might still have crap weather but on paper Spring is here so that deserves a dance!
    Ok, back now!
    Spring is here and for public schools, that means Spring break should be soon!
    In Oregon, it is NEXT week! UGH! I hate dealing with ANYTHING during that time because the place is overrun with kids! Have to remember to NOT go anywhere public!
    My boys will be on break the following week! 1st week in April. They are headed to their Grandparents in Northern Cali! They get to spend 5 days with each set of them since they happened to live in the same town! We do it AFTER traditional Spring Break because my sister-in-law will send my nephew down IF we do it this coming week. Now, nephew refuses to go down alone to grandparents but is sort of willing to go if cousins are there. I am old school. My kids see their grandparents 4-5x a year and if they are willing to make the trek alone, they deserve to have grandparents alone! And they prefer it. So, I have since learned to schedule OUR homeschool Spring Break AFTER the public school one!
    Mom gets 1 whole week to clean their room, wax their floor and get the TV to herself!! Doing the happy dance now!
    Do you take a Spring Break in your homeschool? If so, do you follow the local public school schedule or do you wing it?
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    Published on 03-20-2014 11:30 AM
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