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    Published on 05-01-2014 10:29 AM
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    This is a blog reprint from unschooling blogger, Idzie Desmarais. Idzie has graciously allowed us to reprint her blog post for our Unschooling month from her blog, I'm Unschooled. Yes, I can write! Thank you Idzie!

    Idzie Desmarais is a (grown) unschooler, feminist, green anarchist, (confusedly) queer, pagan(ish) woman who makes her home in the Montreal area. She spends her time reading fantasy novels, writing, cooking up lots of tasty food in the kitchen, and dreaming of the homesteading intentional community she wants to help found someday.

    Unschooling 101

    Hello! So, looks like you just found this blog for the first time. Maybe you were searching specifically for information on unschooling, or maybe you stumbled upon this site by chance. Either way, I want to welcome you! And also to ask you to kindly read this page before commenting. If you're an unschooler yourself, or an unschooling parent, you may want to just skim this page, as I'm mostly just going to cover Unschooling 101 type stuff, but otherwise I'd ask that you please read the entire page.

    Though I do write the occasional post aimed at an audience unfamiliar with unschooling, life learning, or home learning, for the most I'm writing to an audience who already have at least a basic understanding of unschooling. For this reason, a lot of basics are not addressed, or are glossed over, in many posts, which may make things difficult for people just learning about this way of learning and living. Because of that, I want to give you a bit of an unschooling 101 before you go any further!

    So, what is unschooling, anyway?

    I feel like several different explanations, all equally accurate, just from different angles, are in order:

    Version #1: Unschooling (usually considered a type of homeschooling) is student directed learning, which means the child or teen learns whatever they want, whenever they want. Learning is entirely interest driven, not dictated or directed by an external curriculum, by teachers, or by parents. For an unschooler, life is their classroom. ...
    by Published on 05-01-2014 10:00 AM

    shsunschooling-jpgIt's time to showcase the beauty of UNSCHOOLING this month at SecularHomeschool.com! And what better place to do that than on Instagram? Help us spread the UNSCHOOLING love by taking some pictures of your UNSCHOOLER at work, at play, at...whatever it is they are passionate about at the moment.

    A WHOLE month, showcasing your UNSCHOOLING blogs, groups and ideas on just how do you UNSCHOOL your children! Most importantly we would like to show all those doubters out there that UNSCHOOLED kiddos are no different and maybe have some things better then other homeschoolers and non-homeschoolers alike. So take some pictures of your UNSCHOOLER at work,play or whatever!
    To participate, simply post your UNSCHOOLING homeschool day pics on Instagram and hashtag them #UnschoolingonSHS . We'll be running a stream of the most recently tagged photos on our SHS sidebar AND on a dedicated tab on our Facebook page. We can't WAIT to see how you are spending your days - - whether it's gearing up for new learning, or winding down from your summer adventures!!
    by Published on 05-01-2014 10:00 AM

    Unschooling. Relaxed schooling. Delight-led learning. Whatever term you use to describe a style of homeschooling that lets the child signal the way that learning takes place for him or her, it is something we’re going to celebrate at SecularHomeschool.com during the month of May. Most of us as admins have at least dipped our toes into the unschooling stream, and have benefited from it in one way or another.

    My feeling is that even if you are adamantly against unschooling for your own family, you can recognize that for other families it may be a wonderfully successful option. And we all can agree that learning certainly doesn’t always take place within the confines of a curriculum, a lesson plan, or a workbook. Learning happens every day when we follow our curiosities to see where they take us. It’s part of the natural human condition to be curious - - and thus, to learn.

    All this month at SHS, you’ll be hearing from thought-leaders in the unschooling world by way of articles on our site, scheduled live Google Hangouts, and even giveaways on our Facebook page! Whether or not you unschool, I hope you will enjoy this month of celebrating our natural human curiosity at SecularHomeschool.com! ...
    by Published on 04-24-2014 11:25 PM

    So, hubby works in the medical field and I am a childcare provider. He is off tomorrow BUT has to go update his CPR and I am due in June for my new card as well. Required every 2 years for my field. That brought to mind this week's poll question!
    My boys are now 16 and 17 and I am thinking of having them go with me during my class to learn CPR! It is for newbies and renewals. Same class, very basic. Enough to sustain until emergency gets there. Nowhere near what hubby's class will entail but again, his is for medical field.
    I feel it is a viable thing to know in general but they also do vacations twice a year with grandparents and great-grandmas, most of who are early to mid-70's up to 99 yrs old. I clearly remember having to take it in 7th grade but because they are homeschooled, they did not have to do that....though I don't even know if public school does that any more..... and now that I am writing this....I am considering trying to see if I can find an instructor to do it for our homeschool group! Would be a good thing for all the kids to know!
    It is just a good thing to know and have a basis for life!
    So, do you and/or your kids know CPR? Have you taken a class? Are you planning on it now?
    If you are, check your local Red Cross for classes or your community center! Basic public classes run about $30-40 per person.
    Click here to tell us!

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