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    by Published on 10-19-2015 09:10 PM
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    Hi Everyone!

    I am Brenda from Schooling a Monkey and I have two daughters, aged 9 (in 4th grade) and nearly 3.

    Today I wanted to talk a bit about what it is like to homeschool the ďaverageĒ child.

    My eldest, Monkey, has ADHD and struggles with concentrating, focusing, and completing long tasks. This means that most days, I canít give her more than 10 math problems at a time or long assignments. Long, drawn-out school days frustrate her.

    Monkey and Bo (my almost 3 year-old) are both average or slightly below average in most subjects. Monkey is right at grade-level in all of her schooling (and a bit behind in math) and Bo does not know her colors, letters, and shapes like some children her age.

    I bet a lot of you have gifted children, but I know there are also a lot of homeschooling parents with average kids. Some kids may be average due to learning differences, from inefficient teachers in the past, or ...
    by Published on 10-18-2015 01:30 AM

    So, we meet again!
    Another week, another poll!

    This week is an easy one!
    How many days a week do you homeschool?

    Lots of newbies and I know they are worried about how many hours and how many days they SHOULD be schooling. Or their kids were in public school and now they are homeschooled and it is only taking 2 hours a day. We have all been there, done that!

    At our house, we homeschool 4 days a week. Monday through Thursday only.
    When we first started homeschooling, Dad was off on Fridays. He would take them to do things. Then I went to running my childcare M-Th and every other Friday due to demand. And then that child left for Kindergarten and I suddenly had Fridays off. And I have stuck with that for the sake of my boys!
    Fridays are errands, Homeschool PE class, fun with friends, going to Museum(s) or just sitting on our butts enjoying the day!

    And it has worked for us! I mean really worked! We have had more trips to see family with the 3 day weekend, we have been able to spend lots of time with friends, attend extra classes or events....
    How does it work at your house? Do you do it a few days or every day or does it change up all the time?

    How many days a week to do you homeschool?
    Click here to tell us! ...

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    Thank you!

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    Thank you!
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