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    Default Northeastern....anyone here apply as a homeschooler?

    Any tips, advice? They are the only school so far that DS is applying to that wants anything other than standard transcript/ test scores. Iím probably making it much harder than it is though. We do not do our own transcript-itís done by our association, so itís very standard, but I *think* what they are asking for is justification of everything on there. 🤔
    Which, as I mentioned another thread, I should have kept up with along the way, but I didnít, so...

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    I can't give you any advice on Northeastern. However, if you're not already part of the group, you might want to join the yahoo group Homeschooling Toward College. Ask the question there. You will probably find more answers there.

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    My dd got into Northeastern as a homeschooled student. She ended up transferring after a year to a smaller school. But she got great financial aid from Northeastern plus a scholarship. I felt like test scores had a huge amount of weight for getting in if that helps. But hsing itself did not seem to be a barrier. I did our transcript but she also had college classes with good grades and had taken some classes at the ps, mostly science classes. I did the transcript for the stuff she did at home. What are they asking for in addition to transcript and test scores? I am sorry, there were so many that none stands our individually two years later.
    Former Homeschooler to two daughters, age 20 and in college and age 12 back in ps.

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Northeastern....anyone here apply as a homeschooler?