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    My brother went to University of Rochester - he got very into the frat scene and almost didn't graduate because of the drinking etc. He is 36 now and graduated in 2004, so things change. Interestingly his wife, who he met at U or R, grew up in Hamilton. Hamilton is such a beautiful town. I don't know anything about Colgate as a school, but I just loved Hamilton.
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    We asked the tour guide about frats (prefering they don't exit) and he said they have them at U of R but they don't take over the campus. Said there are more students doing research then involved in frats. Colgate has frats too but the fraternity houses are practically in Hamilton, down the hill from the college. Colgate/Hamilton is beautiful and what was really impressive is that the campus looks like this beautiful old stone college but when you walk inside the building they're actually pretty modern. Looks like they've done a lot of work updating interiors and the new buildings blend in with the old. I was really surprised at how nice the U of Rochester campus was as well. If you had just plopped me down in the middle of the campus I would have thought I was at a small liberal arts college somewhere.
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