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    Published on 07-07-2016 09:09 AM
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    by SHS Admin, Aandwsmom

    Eeeek! Your cute, sweet smelling, little preschooler has turned into a giant-footed, food-scarfing, moody teenager(I swear it happens overnight!) and you just wrapped up Middle School. Now what??

    What lies ahead? High School. What to do? So many choices. Do you send them to public school because you have heard that teaching high school is hard? If you had trouble in high school, you may be feeling that you arenít qualified to teach the subjects you struggled with yourself. So, do you throw in the towel and stop homeschooling?

    You Can Do This!

    Guess what? You can totally homeschool high school and do it with ease! Take it from someone who towed the line when it came to high school. I either had classes that I did fantastic in or I had classes (read: chemistry and algebra) that haunt me still to this day. Was I nervous when it came time to homeschool high school. Yep. Did I want to send them to public school? Nope. They didnít want to go, and I didnít want to send them when they were doing so well with homeschooling.

    The great news is that homeschooling high school doesnít have to mean ďteachingĒ every subject yourself. There are so many outside resources for homeschooling high school. For some reason, outsourcing is overlooked as a key benefit of homeschooling. Iím here to help break through that barrier and show you the incredibly diverse ways you can pull from your community and other places ...
    1. Categories:
    2. Homeschooling High School

    This article first appeared at LetsHomeschoolHighschool.com and is reprinted here with permission for High School Homeschool Month.

    YOU asked, WE answered!

    I know, summer's not quite over... so... why are we talking about planning already? Yuck... I'm thinking I want summer to last a bit longer. But, as most veteran home schoolers know, itís time to face the music. If you want your books and supplies here in time to start schooling, this monthís for you!

    So, to get everyone motivated and in the spirit of things, weíre gonna answer home schoolís top 10 planning questions. Letís get startedÖ

    1) Simply put - How do you get started?
    Well, thatís a different answer for each of the 50 states. Your first step as a self-declared homeschooler is to check out your stateís regulations and make sure that you comply. Second, explore your kids. Make sure you know how they learn, what makes them tick, and their favorite way to learn. Third, explore your options. Find out the various methods and ways other people homeschool and decide what would fit your needs. Fourth, explore your philosophy. What is it that you want from homeschooling? Write it all down, then when youíre wondering why your doing thisÖ pull it out! Finally, explore your resources. There are so many absolutely awesome tools for homeschoolers now. Find resources that line up with your kids, methods, and philosophy.

    2) CAN I even teach my highschooler if Iím not qualified in the subject matter?
    I can honestly answer a resounding, YES! Like I mentioned before, there are so many amazing resources for homeschoolers that make it possible for anyone to homeschool. If you are worried about teaching the class yourself, you can find a tutor, join a homeschool co-op, use an online course, online resources, online teacher directed course, or video based course. In each of these methods, your student is getting the information from a different source and doing the work at home.

    3) Am I alone in this? How can I find support?
    This is an amazing question, there are many places that the homeschool family can find camaraderie in their endeavor. A few places to start would be your local home school group, a local co-op, an online home school parent forum, or even state homeschooling conventions.

    4) How do I plan a high school course of study?
    I would sit down with my highschooler and talk about what their interests, strengths, and passions are. Once youíve got an idea of those you can help guide them into exploring career choices that will support those. All the high school electives and courses can be brought into alignment with their future career. You can even explore apprenticeships and dual credit programs to enrich their high school studies, and fully prepare them for the future.

    5) How do I know which courses are needed to meet graduation requirements?
    by Published on 06-23-2016 11:49 AM
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    All through the month of July, SecularHomeschool.com is partnering with LetsHomeschoolHighschool.com to provide secular homeschoolers with tons of info on homeschool for the high school years. Watch our website and social networks, and track the hashtag #HS4HS to make sure you don't miss out on any of the amazing tips and resources we'll be sharing. PLUS, all our secular homeschooling followers will be able to download a brand new free PDF guide for homeschooling high school from a secular perspective. This will be one to print out and keep handy or save for easy access on your favorite device.

    All the info being shared in July has been created by experienced high school homeschool parents who have guided their own kids through high school and beyond. You'll find tons of actionable advice you can put into use now OR save for the future when this stage comes your way (and trust us, it will come all too soon!!)
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