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Facebook Break - The Follow-Up

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by , 12-09-2010 at 11:28 AM (1774 Views)
What a weird age we live in where I actually blog a follow-up on my experiment to take a Facebook break until the end of the year!!! But for those of you who were wondering if I could really do it, I REALLY have. And it has been GLORIOUS!! Now that's not to say I haven't even so much as been on the site, because that would be a lie. I'm on the site a LOT for the sake of this site and others that I administer, so I'm by no means a Facebook-hermit, but the only times I've even visited my personal profile are when I get an email telling me that someone has messaged me. I turned off all other notifications so that I have no idea when someone "comments on a picture of me" or "suggests an application" or any of that time-consuming mumbo jumbo.

But back to the glorious part...the FREEDOM!! I had no idea that I had been so subconsciously "enslaved" by the need to know what was going on with people at all times. Like I was missing out on something if I didn't follow the every move of my friends. But I'm NOT! You know why? Because now, we actually have something to talk about when we get together...we can "catch up." I'd forgotten how fun it is to catch up with people!!

I'd also forgotten what it's like to not be so distracted during my workday. If you work from home, you know how ridiculously easy it is to be distracted from the task at hand. Telephone calls, doorbell rings, dog barks, kid whines - - there are a million and one ways to be swayed from getting things accomplished. But I honestly believe that Facebook had become the single-most effective distraction of all thanks to the fact that every comment, picture, heart, and Like from my friends was instantly emailed to me and screaming for attention. Thanks to my notification-editing, this is no more an issue. And I've become Mrs. Productivity lately!!

I will probably trek back to FB in the New Year, but I think I may leave most of my notifications turned off. That way, I can visit once or twice in a day, check through the more important things, and then leave! I'm pretty convinced that this is a more balanced way to participate in this social network anyway.
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  1. obimomkenobi's Avatar
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    Turning off all the notifications was the ONLY way I can maintain my sanity, without completely opting out of the facebook world (which is still one of the best ways I've found to keep up with far flung friends and family).
  2. wild_destiny's Avatar
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    Thanks for the update, Topsy. I was wondering yesterday how it had gone with your cold-turkey break. Now my nosy nose knows. Congratulations on becoming Mrs. Productivity--as if you weren't already.
  3. Stephany's Avatar
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    I've never used the notifications. I get to facebook when I get to it, but I am that way with my e-mail as well.
  4. QueenBee's Avatar
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    I did something similar - I deactivated my account until summer break (or perhaps longer as I'm enjoying the freedom so much). I, too, didn't realize how much time was being sucked from me! Plus I actually enjoy not knowing so much about so many people. It was too much - did I really need to get daily updates on people that I haven't seen or talked to in decades? I don't know, but I do know I'm not missing it!

    Good for you for sticking it out! =)