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Having a math meltdown and working our way through it.

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by , 04-11-2013 at 09:57 PM (521 Views)
I wish I could say that homeschooling is always sunshine and daisies, but that's not how it really goes. Some days they don't want to work, or I am dragging and don't want to work, and sometimes things just don't go as planned.

Today Little Yoda was doing his math and he just wasn't getting it. We have been working on adding 9's to numbers. (ex. 26 +9) Yesterday he went through this skill like he had been doing it his whole life, but now he was looking at me like he had never seen a problem like this this ever! His frustration added to my frustration and we went in circles until we both blew up. After we took a little break from each other we came back and talked about what was happening.

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  1. mseward's Avatar
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    Quick questions: How old is he? Does he ever mix-up 6 & 9? Is he "strong" in adding? Which curriculum are you using?

    Trying to think of some solutions for both of you so you don't get frustrated!

  2. Kimberlapoderosa's Avatar
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    He is six. We are using right start math and some math mammoth. He doesn't confuse numbers, he just doesn't always want to take the time to think things through.
  3. BakedAk's Avatar
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    This is us, every day - except the ending! Good job coming back and working through it.