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Unschooling Resources: Series Wrap

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by , 05-23-2013 at 05:18 PM (521 Views)
Did you catch all the posts in Angela's Wade series about Unschooling?

Now is the perfect time to catch up at Mindful Homeschooler!

Math for Young Children

Science (Inside)

Science (Outside)


Not necessarily a part of her series on Unschooling Resources but still an excellent read by Angela, "Truth, Lies, and Unschooling."

Want to hear more from Angela? We want to know your questions about unschooling! Please email info(at)mindfulhomeschooler(dot)com.
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    Hi! "Mindful Homeschooling" is a terrific blog/mag - I have just one little nitpicky complaint. The background color makes the lettering (especially the links) hard to read.

    I loved the "What does that even mean" post. Thanks for the inclusiveness (inclusivity?)