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Myths, misperceptions, and sad thinking about what education really means

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These came from commentators to an article I wrote for Yahoo! Shine.

Kids must learn that the world is not a free place.

We can't always do what interests us if we expect to survive life.
Survival interests us all, doesn't it?

Your responsibility as a parent is to limit your children.
I thought it was to help them grow and develop.

In the real world, you can't thrive on fun.
You can't thrive on negativity, drudgery, squashing dreams.

You're setting your children up for failure and disappointment.
I'm helping my children set themselves up for success and satisfaction.

Childhood dreams VERY rarely turn to reality.

There comes a point when we all have to face up to the reality of our society.
Reality is, apparently, a subjective term. My reality is not harsh. I may not like everything about dominant society, but I love my life.

If you're having fun and being a friend to your children, you're not teaching.
True, if you mean "teaching" in the bullying sense.

The problem with self-teaching is you are limited to what you know.
It's probably good then that we learn from many different sources and don't consider our selves as finite and inadequate.

Kids do need to learn socialization, how to follow directions from someone other than mom, structure, and topics that don't immediately appeal to them.
Children don't need to learn socialization. They need to have social experiences.

School is necessary.
Obviously it's not.

Kids can't learn math without daily lessons.
There's some kind of lesson-free math miracle going on at my house.

They're [sic] education will have holes, because they only learn what they want.
Everyone's education has "holes."
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  1. Shelli Pabis's Avatar
    Sigh. One of the many reasons I try not to read comments on news articles.
  2. Starkspack's Avatar
    Wow, how utterly sad and uninformed. I can totally see Shelli's point about not reading comments. What a downer.
  3. CrazyCatWoman's Avatar
    Thank goodness we have choice! I hope that these comments haven't gotten you down. I totally agree with you. Especially about the holes. Yes, we all have holes. We all have to keep learning. The fact is, our kids LIKE learning, where most kids get out of school and at some point want no more. The number of adults who have not read a novel or a non-work related book since high school is just scary. All of those negative comments...they all are products of the school system, the "socialization" that tells them to be happy with the job at the factory (that will soon be replaced by a machine) because that is what they grew up with. Our kids, we don't want them to be "just workers" following directions from other people, we want them to be the ones giving the directions, building the new device in the garage, being their own boss and living life how they want, not how society says they "should."
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