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  1. Forming: Cincinnati secular co-op, social and enrichment group.

    We are forming a secular co-op, social and enrichment group in Cincinnati. My daughter and I began homeschooling in 6th grade, but it was public online and awful for us. Last year we started our co-op primarily because we could not afford to attend a 'microschool', and most of the programs near us are Christian, not inclusive and not something we wished to participate in. We created an enrichment and social program that was inclusive of all, promoted diversity and individuality, and was flexible ...

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  2. Age

    How do y'all feel about starting to homeschool at the age of 4? I know some people say to just let kids play and learn by gleaming from their environment but I think some structure would help my daughter grow. What do y'all think? When did your children start homeschooling and looking back 👀 do you feel it was a good starting point?
  3. Homeschooling Fun: Games That Worked For My Son

    Before I decided that I would rather homeschool my now nine-year-old son, I homeschooled him anyway. The material they learned at school simply went past my boy because of his extremely dispersed attention (he is ADHD kid). Therefore, we had to cram everything at home as well. PLUS the homework. It seemed a terrible waste of time, so I tried to optimize our learning as much as I could.
    Heard the saying “There is an app for that?” We did have an app for every subject and activity. I had a ...

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  4. Educating the Homeschool Educator

    Quote Originally Posted by IEF View Post
    Hello, have you seen this thread:


    The last page, particularly FreeThinker's post, is going to be my personal "go to" when I get frustrated with all the negative changes in the homeschooling movement (if we can still call it a "movement" instead of a "target market", lol) that you and I have seen.

    Have you ever had a child in public
  5. Sharing my PreK Bookmarks

    Quote Originally Posted by TFZ View Post
    I got sucked down an endless hole of searching on the Internet for many months. It was fine for my first one, but with three kids all roughly two years apart, I won't have the time to waste with the next two.

    Here are the resources I narrowed it down to for prek. They will cover everything we want outside the library walls. I am done searching and pinning and bookmarking a million sites. Here are the results:

    Letter of the week: The Ultimate Letter Of The Week Resource For Preschool - No Time For Flash Cards
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