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  1. Educating the Homeschool Educator

    Quote Originally Posted by IEF View Post
    Hello, have you seen this thread:


    The last page, particularly FreeThinker's post, is going to be my personal "go to" when I get frustrated with all the negative changes in the homeschooling movement (if we can still call it a "movement" instead of a "target market", lol) that you and I have seen.

    Have you ever had a child in public
  2. Learning with Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, and Youtube

    Last year I posted the available Educational shows we use. This is the updated as of July 1st

    Educational programs for kids:

    The Magic Schoolbus
    Space Racers
    Zoo Clues
    Super Why!
    Sid The Science Kid
    Little Einsteins
    Bill Nye The Science Guy
    The Hive
    Justin Time
    Justin Time Go

    Amazon Prine
    Popular Mechanics for Kids
    Tumble Leaf ...
  3. Talking to people

    Tech has always been a shy kid. And pre-k exacerbated that I think. He would hide from other adults, any more than 1 or 2 kids overwhelmed him, and he just wasn't very sociable. His Dad and I aren't particularly social creatures, so this wasn't too big of a shock, but I did want him to at least talk to people. And it seemed like the more pre-k went on, the more he retreated. HOWEVER we have finally, finally had a breakthrough!

    We have been looking for a new house since October, and ...
  4. Sharing my PreK Bookmarks

    Quote Originally Posted by TFZ View Post
    I got sucked down an endless hole of searching on the Internet for many months. It was fine for my first one, but with three kids all roughly two years apart, I won't have the time to waste with the next two.

    Here are the resources I narrowed it down to for prek. They will cover everything we want outside the library walls. I am done searching and pinning and bookmarking a million sites. Here are the results:

    Letter of the week: The Ultimate Letter Of The Week Resource For Preschool - No Time For Flash Cards
  5. Finally relaxed

    So I'm not as stressed about next year. I took the local college's catalog and the Advisement course map of the five Universities that have Bio-medical engineering and marked off what classes need to be taken for which college. It's mostly lower levels of science and math. Those with the general education requirements give him 75 classes. Hopefully he can take the classes over a period of three years. If the case he'll be almost 18 by the time he graduates. The catch, because there always is one, ...
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