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  1. Homeschooling the tech addicted 5 year old, on a night schedule

    When my husband and I first realized that our son was as much a night owl as we were, we realized that life was going to be a little bit interesting. We realized this, btw, when he was about 4 days old, and the nurses began to panic that none of his first tests of the day were coming out right, but every later test was fine. Until we explained that we were night owls, and they realized our son probably was as well, and shifted his tests back 4 hours. Suddenly test 1 was no longer at 7am, but 11am, ...
  2. Favorites of the tech addicted 5 year old

    Homeschooling the tech addicted 5 year old is always interesting. The more I read the forum though, the more I see ppl talking about technology in their homeschooling journey. So, I thought I would share some of mine and his favorite educational apps and websites that really catch the interest of the tech addicted 5 year old. Know I am not affiliated with ANY of these sites or apps, I'm just sharing the ones we like and what is working for us.

    First up is websites. We LOVE Teachyourmonstertoread.com. ...
  3. Curriculum Deals with the Devil

    Curriculum Deals with the Devil

    On the compromises I make when selecting curriculum and a review of the lab class my son took with a religious curriculum provider.
  4. Get Creative (with writing!) for Halloween: Tombstone Prompts

    A few years ago, I was teaching a workshop-style creative writing class to middle school and high school girls and decided to focus on "horror" as the genre for October. I did a different warm-up exercise each week, and the one that turned out to be my favorite was writing short stories based on funny tombstone epitaphs....

    .... To read about this writing exercise or to view other posts please click here. Thanks for reading!

    Updated 10-24-2015 at 12:20 PM by QueenBee

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  5. First homeschool field trips for the tech addicted 5 year old

    Getting the 5 year old out of the house is always a struggle. He'd rather stay at home and play by himself or with us, than go out into the world. This last month we have decided that more field trips must happen.
    End of September we went to this fabulous natural history museum. They 5 year old liked the giant dinosaur skeletons, the star gallery, and the hands on stuff. The rest of the museum he wasn't thrilled with, but his dad and i (and grandpa) had a blast. But, the big thing for us, ...
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