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  1. 9 months - Time flies!

    It's been over nine months since I've written a blog post.
    People have babies in that amount of time.

    My best friend and I were discussing our (very under-posted upon) blogs, and as such I've decided to write a post.

    So much has happened since my last post, dated October 1, 2013. And that post wasn't a "real" post - it was a link to a fabulous giveaway. I digress. In October, I was chin-deep in my graduate studies, trying to balance
  2. Our School Room Reveal

  3. Why You Shouldn’t Teach Your Child to Read – And What Some Parents Are Doing Instead

    We all want our kids to be [URL="http://www.studydog.com/parents/whystudydog/"]great readers[/URL] – and we spend lots of time looking for the best resources to help them learn.

    But the other day, I was talking with a preschool teacher at Stanford’s Bing Nursery School. She gave me the best reading advice ever:

    “Don’t teach your child to read. Raise a reader.”

    Aha! So that is why some kids feel like reading is a painful, boring chore… and others ...
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  4. Fantasy or fandom -- how obsessed are you?

    In today’s world of celebrity culture, the number of obsessions seems to grow daily (“Bieber Fever” anyone?) You may not know that one of the earliest terms used to describe an extreme fan reaction to a musician was “Lisztomania.” Yes, emotional fan reactions at the concerts of pianist Franz Liszt in the 1840s generated the word, “Lisztomania.” Elvis Presley created this same type of hysteria when he exploded on the music scene in the 1950s. And then, not long afterward, Beatle Mania arrived on ...
  5. This is why I have always said there is no such thing as constructive criticism

    I'm a lurker in posts/forums what have you. I read and get a feel for the people and their posting styles....which hey it's cool. I go and check out the new forum for an up and coming group. What do I see....a confirmation on what the title above says...there is no such thing as constructive criticism.

    This woman is straight out bashing this group, it's leaders, it volunteers and she doesn't even know who they are. She's brought up other personas of the ED. Ok we all have ...
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