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  1. School and Education: You Have Choices.

    by , 08-30-2014 at 11:33 PM
    ...A few friends have come to me in the past week asking about homeschooling laws, and how I made that decision. It was clear for us when M threatened suicide in third grade. It’s not so clear for others that don’t get to that point, or when they just don’t know if they are able to.

    Then you have comments like this:

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  2. Homeschool Planning: Organizing and Time ‘Management’ Tools.

    by , 08-26-2014 at 12:05 AM
    As I’ve talked about before, we homeschool year round. We had a decent run this summer; it was fairly relaxed, we explored a lot of topics, and we experienced a few new things. During our down time though, I decided that maybe I should try a more different approach to planning. I keep hearing this phrase ‘homeschool planning’. Maybe I should do that. ...
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  3. Our Homeschool Room

    by , 08-22-2014 at 08:52 AM (Life on a Canadian Island)
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    With the new school starting in only a few weeks, I thought I would share our homeschool space with you. We don't have a specific room and never have had one in the last three homes we have lived in since we started homeschooling. Besides for extra storage, I wouldn't want one!

    We enjoy homeschooling in the family room, the kitchen, the backyard, and also other places like the public library!

    The majority of our time is spent ...
  4. Getting Ready for Academic Research … and College!

    by , 08-07-2014 at 12:21 PM
    With so many library resources and information overload on the Internet, finding reliable sources for a research paper can be challenging for today’s teens. JSTOR’s Research Basics for High School Students provides an easy-to-follow tutorial so your learner can save time when exploring content. This free online course has three modules, each comprised of short video lectures followed by learning activities, concluding with an assessment and the opportunity to earn a badge to share.
    Topics ...
  5. Homeschool Room - Redone

    by , 08-01-2014 at 10:40 PM
    Time For a Change
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    Now that I'm homeschooling middle and high school girls, it was time to change up the school room and make it a cool hangout for tween and teen gals (plus a 30-somthing mama). I spent a good part of two weeks cleaning out, rearranging, decluttering, and decorating. Here's the (almost) finished product. I'm still working on organizing the kids' desks as well as wall art, but so far it is a much-improved room. I'm actually looking ...
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